Shanxi Yixian: Implementing Forest Changzheng Realizing Lin Changzhi

In recent years, Yan County has seriously implemented the Trinity General Secretary of the Top Secretary "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" ecological civilization construction concept, so that the green became the bottom color of Yixian, let the color become the characteristics of 县, " Lin "coordinate," green color and chemical "synchronization Fully released, the construction of ecological civilization is remarkable. In 2019, the organizational system, institutional system, responsibility system, business system, and explored the construction of a modern forestry governance system, and preliminarily realized Lin Chang system, forming "Lin has a rule of governance, orderly treatment, and effective treatment "The forest is long-term effect, and the" fourteenth fifteen "transition into the green dynamic. Three tubes of "afforestation protection forest camp forest".

Yixian is located in the ecological fragile area of ??Lu Liangshan. At the beginning of 2015, there were 31 million mu of Yulin’s hills in the county.

To fundamentally crack the problem of poverty and poverty in the county, the county is based on the poor, and the poor is much more labor, the accumulation of seedlings, and the reform and innovation, and the first to explore the formation cooperation and afforestation. A series of ecological poverty alleviation models such as cooperative care.

In particular, Yixian’s first cooperative social harvesting ecological poverty alleviation model has been fully affirmed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and is specified by the World Bank as the "Typical Case of International Povertreatment".

"Afforestation" opens a benign cycle.

In order to make the process of afforestation a process of driving poor increasing income, 31 poverty and strong forest professional cooperatives were first tried in 2016, and the "Tree Reward" new mechanism, strict cooperative management, and take the lead in exploration of poverty alleviation Cooperative Society Access Forest Greening Project. Change bidding is a bid, simplifying the complex procedures of the afforestation project project, reducing the cost of engineering layer barriers, so that project funds are directly put into the afforestation project, effectively built the masses to participate in ecological governance, and obtain labor benefits. platform. The 1677 households, the poverty households in the county, the poverty households participated in the afforestation cooperatives, and participated in the afforestation activities, increased labor revenue, enhanced development kinetic energy, and completed 390,000 mu of afforestation, the county forestry assets total year 15 100 million yuan, resulting in a benign circulation of afforestation and income, which not only improves the vulnerability of ecological fragile, but also promotes the income and poverty of poor people.

"Forest" has become the income approach.

To let the people get benefits through long-term ecological afforestation, reforestation after each implementation of the project is completed, the purchase management and protection services to cooperatives by the county government, and actively explore a new model to promote cooperative management and protection. This mode of operation is established by the filing card composed of poor people management and protection of forest cooperatives long-term management and protection, management and protection and lead the masses to get paid. The county has 12 cooperatives by providing management and protection of forest management and protection services, to effectively drive the 776 filing card stand poor people get long-term management and protection of stable income, poor people develop their own capacity to further enhance the county’s forestry industry further efficiency, thus promoting forest management gradually scale, specialization, market-oriented.

"Forest" of poverty provide protection.

To promote the rural "three powers" division, through the implementation of forestry assets approach, and actively guide have the capital, the ability to build silviculture leaders, to explore the "Enterprise (cooperatives) + + Abandoned village collective farmer" model, in order to organize the farmers woodland , forest land management rights shares, collective lead the land transfer, business, achieved by the variable resource assets, money becomes capital stock, farmers become shareholders, "three Changes" changes, and finally to activate forestry resources, industrial development, barren hills by green, farmers’ income, collective economy income.

In particular by insisting on leading the party building, scientific and technological support, policy support, joint development, mechanism innovation, risk prevention and control, continued to enhance afforestation regulate cooperatives, long-term stability covering 5155 poor people, driven by an average annual income of more than 4,000 yuan.

"Green color of the wealth of the" three synchronization.

Integrated ecosystem Lanxian sustained release ecological potential, to create a landscape of forests, forest science development, relying on the natural ecological resources in the northern mountainous county to develop ecological farming, eco-tourism, promote the formation of forestry, animal husbandry, travel coordination, and complementary industries, diversified development development of new models and improve Lanxian color value. The implementation of "green" business. Firm "green" goals, adhere to forest management, forest resources management and development of forestry industry, "by Green green green color supplement" to promote coordination, ecological protection and afforestation combine to improve the ecological fragility, lack of small forest green look .

Acres of county forest area and forest stock million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached%, the green became Lanxian background. In recent years, Lan County won the "China’s most beautiful cultural tourism county" "text brigade most investment value (potential) County," and so on. Promote the "color" of development.

Vigorously readjust the tree structure, promote improved varieties of seedlings, species diversity, mode of scientific, seasonal landscape and stand stabilization, and promote the formation of the natural landscape "Four Seasons into the scene."

At the same time, actively carry out the county forest, forest countryside to create work around Mao Shan, Bailongshan, Huangguliang, yinma pool Tourist Road and actively build ecological landscape corridor, along the banks of the River Lan, Lan Cheng He, on Minghe, Puming vigorously River be green construction, and strive to create ecological landscape of the whole basin.

In 2020, the county forest coverage rate reached 43 percent, the per capita green area of ??the park square meters, in one fell swoop Lanxian create a national garden county, the beautiful ecological environment for promoting green development, and lead the masses to benefit from the productivity, competitiveness and influence . Achieve "wealth" of value. Aimed at complete seabuckthorn nutrients, is widely used, scarcity of raw materials, tight market space, optimizing the ecological poverty alleviation projects, promoting seabuckthorn base, breeding, optimal selection, processing, and so the whole industry chain.

By digging buckthorn culture, local conditions to create buckthorn town to promote the integrated development of tourism, picking, leisure, vacation, led the people to get rich.

The county newly planted artificial quality sea buckthorn 15 acres, 20 acres of wild sea buckthorn, established the country’s first sea buckthorn industry experts, academicians workstation, create more than five million mu planting base, creating Shanxi Xiurong brand sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn annual production value over hundreds of millions, the next three years is expected seabuckthorn industry revenue will reach 25 billion yuan, will become vivid Lanxian model "lies to become gold and silver mines," the. "Rule of law rule of man wisdom governance" three rule integration. "Rule of law" firmly defend the ecological bottom line. Strict protection of forest resources management, improve the quality of forest resources, forest resources to promote the objectives for the use of, adhere to planning in advance, formulated "Lanxian forest management plan," "Shanxi Lan County resources background report on Biological Diversity", "Lan Lan County River provincial Wetland Park master plan "," Lan county Shanxi Province seabuckthorn industry development plan "and a series of system, a complete eco-system of forest plantation system, effective protection of forest resources management development mechanism.

"Rule of man" improve the responsibility system. "The total forest long" accountability mechanisms to strengthen the sense of responsibility of leading cadres at all levels to protect forest resources development as the core, the implementation of county-level leadership development to protect forest resources, forest long form 县乡村三级 system by any government county commander, 7 government deputy head of any county forest long, 9 Executive Council package together townships (towns), compacted layers of responsibility, layers of management and protection in place. The county a total of total forest a long, long a deputy chief Lin, Lin long seven county, township Lin nine long, long 136 village-level forest rangers 776 formed with local characteristics, the system intact responsibility system, organizational system, work system, management system and realized the party leadership, government responsibility, social cohabitation of modern forestry management. "Smart governance" plug in the wings of science and technology. Lin made a long established information management platform for forest fire prevention and control and command platform, the construction of forest inspection system, equipped with 792 forest inspection terminal, real-time scheduling of the county rangers and fire hazard point, the initial realization of intelligent building management system long Lin .

Constantly improve forest and grassland resources, "a map" dynamic monitoring system, May 6 this year, the "wisdom of the regulatory grass cloud platform" was officially launched on the line, the use of satellite remote sensing, networking, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology to provide forest grass regulatory intelligence solutions, promote the depth of cross-border integration of modern information technology and the forestry industry, providing powerful support for building science, efficient, accurate, comprehensive, modern forestry management system, high-quality development for the construction of ecological civilization takeoff plug wings.

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