Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out in the border area

Xinhua News Agency, Thailis, November 16 (Reporter Li Ming) Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out armed conflict in the border area on the 16th, both parties accused the other party to launch military attacks. According to the news released by the Azerbai Division website, the Armenian troops launched "large-scale provocation" on the Alan Bittan. The Asian side uses different caliber weapons and grenade launches to fire to the Afang, causing two soldiers from Afang injured.

Afang took counter-action, slammed the opponent’s attack, and captured the Asian soldiers and seized some weapons and equipment.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense issued a message on the same day and accused Azerbaijan "invading" Armenian territory.

Afang used artillery, armored vehicles, and different calibers, the army took the lead in engaged, and the Asa destroy some armored vehicles in the response action, and Afang suffered from personnel. At the same time, four soldiers were injured and 12 soldiers were captured.

Both parties said that the current situation in the border areas are highly tight. After the Soviet Union, the War of the Idah countries were in the issue of Nagorn Karabach (Naka) region. In 1994, both parties reached an agreement on a full ceasefire, but the two countries have been in the hostility of NAC issues, and there is an armed conflict. In September 2020, the two countries broke out a new round of conflicts due to Naca issues.

On November 9, the same year, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenian leaders signed a statement, and announced that Naka area was completely ceased from Moscow time on 10. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.