Pomegranate looked at his car and said:“I’m afraid you can’t keep up with this car!”

“Not so much?”Leopard looking at the speedometer。
“Nothing,Drive to play,Just open it slowly。”Chikusa has passed the period of obsessed with speed,Entering early can be fast or slow,Simply like riding a motorcycle,So I don’t care。
“Just tomorrow night!I just bought my car,Also want to have fun。”A Bao is full of enthusiasm,Can’t wait tonight,But he knew that for Xiao Xiao,It’s late,Since she was with Chen Wenjin,Go home early at night。
“Yes you can。”Qiancao agreed,She didn’t ride a bike for a few days,About her father,So she hasn’t been in a mood lately,It’s a little calmer now,I want to ride a bike to adjust my emotions。
Chen Wenjin drove Pomegranate and Qiancao home,When turning back,Just say to buy a motorcycle in Qinghe District。
Xiao Xiao said strangely:“Just drive my dad’s car。”
“Inappropriate,In case of knocking,It’s not about maintenance,Your father’s heart,Commemorative。”
“Ok……such,I asked him,If he is still thinking,Don’t touch it as a souvenir,If you forget the car long ago,I let him give it to。”Xiao Xiao dialed the phone directly,asked,Her father hadn’t been in the garage for a long time before,I have forgotten the existence of that motorcycle.,But asked her in surprise:“That car has been left?I seem to have told your mother,Give it away if you need it,Thought it was gone。”
“Is that dad still driving??Or,Do I need to keep the car as a souvenir?”
“no need,After driving twice, even if I realized my young dream,Nothing to commemorate。”
“Send me the car,What to do,Also give me full control,May I?”Xiao Xiao directly asked,Her father already guessed that nine out of ten cases were related to Chen Wenjin,Without mentioning,Just smiled and said:“of course can!The motorcycle is officially given to you,You can throw it in the water,Good as a gift,Take it apart and play,Without anybody’s consent。”
“Thank you dad,Then don’t bother you to rest,I hung up,Go home in about twenty minutes,I won’t call you goodnight anymore。”
“it is good,go to bed early。”
hang up the phone,Xiao Xiao said with a smile:“There is no problem now?”
“No problem。”Chen Wenjin really has no worries。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Five Such a mother and daughter