With Fang Yu’s movements slowly unfolding,There was a burst of sound from the bones of the old man Zang。

Zang Yun looked worried,Can think of Fang Yu’s medical skills,But dare not say more!
Half an hour later!
Old man Zang sweats profusely。
I feel warm all over,Feel full of energy。
Previous discomfort,All disappeared!
“Doctor Fang……You have this hand,Don’t tell me earlier……”
Old man Zang recovered,A look of anger。
but,He also knows that Fang Yu is a doctor。
Very busy,It’s impossible to see him every day!
It’s just a small complaint!
“This one……Didn’t I return to the People’s Hospital recently。So a little busy!”
Fang Yu replied。
“So to say……I can visit you in the People’s Hospital from now on?”
Old man Zang smiled。
“Not necessary……I will prescribe you some medicine now,Promote blood circulation。Your legs and feet will be better by then,Go climbing,Actually it’s more useful than my hospital!”