At this time, Tao Wan Roll is driving with some cadres in the village.,The content is nothing more than things about greenhouses and roads.。

Peach volume is very high in the peach flower village.,Now I have a lot of Li Hui’s greenhouses. It is like a tiger.。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Peach Roll is also enthusiastic to invite Li with the wind.。
“Xiao Li,Come over,Your contract is printed.?”
Look at the same thing as Li Hui’s hand held in the hand,How can I don’t understand what??
Just in front of such villages in the village,When the euphemism is still euphemistic,He can’t say that it is going to see himself.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Follow your instructions already,And I said that I haven’t had any problems after it is.。”
“Good,Since you come too,Just, we haven’t spoiled it yet.,Trouble you also say two words.,After all, the planting of greenhouses can be planted here, you can have the most experienced.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect to come to the office and there is such a treatment.。
However, he didn’t think about two sentences.,Just simply thinking about signing the contract is enough.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,I won’t say this.,And vegetable green sheds, we don’t use pesticides.,Green non-polluting,We are also in accordance with vegetables rich in nutrients in the acquisition price.。”
“Forehead,Then let’s let us ask a few questions.?”
Li Hui Feng is understanding,Tao Wan volume is very obvious, I don’t want to let him go.。
But it is already,And I have helped him before the other party.,Li Hui Feng feels that the help is still helping。
“Hey-hey,That line,What is the problem with your leaders?,I just want to answer if I know.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,When someone starts to ask。
“Xiao Li,Do you think about the greenhouse before you have a road to repair the road??
Or can’t you do if you don’t repair the road??”
“Forehead,Our village road is my own idea.,I just thought about the road to fix it.,Then the things of the orchard easily go out,Vegetable greenhouses are I remembered later.,Do not repair the way, you can get vegetable greenhouses.,But the disadvantage is that the big truck will not come.,And our country is so big,So many vegetables,Your way is not good.,People will naturally go to the place to pick it up.。”
Li Hui Feng’s answer allows peach 10 very satisfied。
The person who just questioned questions,But there is nothing to do with him.,This time I didn’t want to force this road.,If you look at the other party’s confidance to the peach flower village,He feels directly to drive the other party out of the core team.。
After all, no matter whether it is repairing the road, it is the development of the village.,For the happiness of the villagers。
“Xiao Li,If the village is getting a large shed,What kind of vegetables are planted when they arrive??”
“Hey-hey,This is still research,But as long as the quality is good,What vegetables I will acquire,And it should be higher than the market price。”
“Xiao Li,Do you really earn 780,000 village vegetables in your village??”
The 579th chapter let Sukan’s headache
As everyone’s continuous request,Li Hui is also one by one.。
at last,All of the issues of all people are basically answered.,Tao Wan rolls let Li speak with the wind。
Back to the first thing,It is contact Yang Li,After all, the construction of the greenhouse is now Yang Li.。
Li Hui Feng is also very simple.,It is to let Yang Li bring a moving greenhouse to the Green Village.,At least this batch of greenhouses,Li Hui Feng feels that workers under the hand will make a lot of money.。