Xia Jianyi heard that they came to smash people’s places for this, Really helpless。He quickly stood up and said:“Now that everyone has made things clear,It’s all right。Uncle Lu and Aunt Lu are getting older,Be less impulsive in doing things in the future”

“Did you hear clearly,You are too reckless。This is not what I said,Young people say so”Li Bajin took advantage of Xia Jian,I quickly scolded Gao Deju and his wife。
Guan Tingna can’t wait long ago,She took Xia Jian and said to run。Li Bajin chased up and shouted:“Brother Xia!You don’t run,Let’s have two glasses”
Gao Deju also chased it out,When she was about to talk,Guan Tingna pulled Xia Jian and started going downstairs。She was so angry that she opened her eyes like a cow,She doesn’t understand,Lu Wanting doesn’t seem to be worse than Guan Tingna。
Get in the car,Guan Tingna is not happy,She said with a small mouth:“You figured out your dream,All your actions today,Must listen to me。Have this situation again,I’ll punish you for another day with me”
Xia Jian heard Guan Tingna had to punish him for one day,Hurry up promised:“OK OK,I start now,Everything is up to you”
“it is good!Go to Nanping Villa Area”Guan Na smiled slightly,Gave new instructions。
Xia Jian thought for a while and asked:“This Nanping villa area is a bit too much!Where are you going!”Xia Jian worked in real estate,Of course I know where this Nanping villa is。This should be the earliest villa area built in Pingdu。
People who can live here,They are all rich people in Bucheon City。Xia Jian didn’t know why Guan Tingna went to such a place。
Although the distance is a bit far,But Xia Jian’s driving speed is not low。About forty minutes,The car has reached the gate of Nanping Villa District。
The security guard at the door glanced at the license plate number,He took the initiative to open the door。Guan Tingna smiled and said to Xia Jian:“16th Building No.1,just in front,Don’t run too far”
It really is,The car hardly started running,Sixteen villas are already in sight。Under Guan Tingna’s command,Xia Jian parked the car on the side of the gate。
“Where is this?You gotta let me know”Xia Jian asked softly while sitting in the car。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“You don’t need to know,But wait a while you have to watch my wink and act,What i say you have to listen to me,Otherwise, another day”
Guan Tingna finished,Jumped out of the car。Xia Jian hesitated,Also got out of the car。Guan Tingna walked to the small iron gate,Opened the iron door gently,And shouted inside:“grandmother!I’m coming”