Mauritius is more beautiful than heaven

Mauritius is more beautiful than heaven

The island of Florida has always been a happy place for the upper middle class of Europe. The coastline around the island is full of four-star, five-star and super five-star hotels.

It seems to be the exclusive place for Europeans, and the flights between European airlines alternate.

However, more and more Chinese people have discovered the charm of this island, picking up backpacks and going there to enjoy the rare luxury.

  About Visa: Bring your passport with fast and free entry, as well as hotel reservations and ticket reservations.

There are no direct flights to Florida in the country, usually to Hong Kong or Singapore, so if you want to shop at the airport, you must bring a signed Hong Kong and Macau Pass or a valid Singapore visa.

On the flight at the time of flight, the immigration card will be delivered. In English, in addition to the general information, you should fill in a local residence and fill it out on the hotel reservation form.

The visa is free of charge.

  There are about 107 hotels on the island about a hundred tons.

The hotels in Mauritius are built along the coast, mostly based on resort hotels above Samsung.

Each of the hotel’s houses is a sea view room, and most hotels have unique pools and their own exclusive beaches.

The cost of accommodation in a local luxury five-star hotel is 400 Euros a night, and the four-star five-star hotel is above 100 Euros.

If you can make an appointment through a travel agency, the price will be cheaper.

  Chinese tourists currently prefer the Club Med “Ebbi” resort on the West Coast. It is the first resort of the Club Med Group to receive the 5-star Sea God Fishing Fork. The price of the machine also includes three meals a day, in addition to deep diving.The cost of various water activities outside is quite cost-effective.

The famous Belle Mare beach (also with a large public beach) is one of the hotel’s gathering places, and all hotels have private beaches.

If you want to enter the hotel, the guard will ask for the room number and the privacy is very good.

  Legendary, located on the northeastern shore of the island.

The Constance Belle Mare PlageHotel above is suitable for high-end guests.

The Re-sort Hotel in India is suitable for the travel team. The price is not expensive, the hotel environment is good, and there are Chinese shows in the evening.

  About a direct flight from Hong Kong and Singapore to Florida Airport, the flight time is about 10 hours.

The round-trip ticket price discount price is also more than 7,000 yuan, or it is recommended to buy through a travel agency or agent, it will be much cheaper.

From Hong Kong, there were only 2 flights per week in the past, so the itinerary is usually five or eight nights, basically five nights.

If you rent a car through a local travel agency, the price varies depending on the model. The average car is 700 yuan a day, and the driver is given a tip.

  Tip: Vancouver can also rent a car, for a very temporary, small-displacement car price is about 550 yuan / day.

The Mao State vehicle travels to the left, with a two-hour interval from the south to the farthest.

The driver only looks at the original driver’s license, and the current new driver’s license is generally in English, and the staff will record the driver’s license information.

However, due to the complicated road conditions, it is recommended to rent a car carefully.

  In the hotel room rate for breakfast and dinner, in order to attract Chinese tourists, some local hotels began to add Chinese elements to the breakfast, such as porridge, noodles, etc., and even the electric kettle began to enter the hotel room.

For lunch, you can taste local cuisine at a price similar to that in Europe, with a typical per capita income of around ten euros.

  Florida’s cuisine blends with national tastes, and Creole (Creole: a curry and tomato meat) is the keynote of the cuisine here.

Florida’s seafood is particularly rich, such as Maling fish, fresh tuna, smoked swordfish, oysters, and mini lobster.

The famous food is 鹌鹑 salad with strawberry vinegar, fried banana, mango coconut chicken breast and so on.

Million-aireSalad is also very popular in the local area. The salad is made from the palm tree heart (palm heart) of the local area. A palm takes 5 years to grow. OnlyThe tree heart can eat, one is only enough for 8 people.

Eat a fruit called Passion must be cautious, it is best to do a skin test first, otherwise it may have a rash, itching and not dare to scratch, it affects the quality of the tour.

The recommended attraction for the attraction is the deep sea experience tour in the north, where the Europeans first went to vacation, so the tourist facilities are very mature and the scenery is beautiful.

On the northern beaches, there are many clubs or shops that specialize in deep-sea fishing and diving. Even the tourists have to book in advance at the hotel or many local day trips (a lot can be seen on the road).

Take the boat away from the island in the morning, and hook the fishing under the guidance of the staff. Your harvest is basically a sea fish that is high in one person. At noon, the crew will arrange a barbecue dinner, or you can go deep sea diving or snorkeling.

The price of this day is about 150 Euros. It is recommended to ask if you can fight with others at the time of booking. The price allocated is cheaper.

  Must also try small submarines or submarine motorcycles that are unique to formaldehyde.The small submarine can see the marine life and corals clearly in the 35-meter-deep ocean. The wreckage of the sea-wreck ship can be found in the 45-minute trip. The price is 40 Euro/person.

Submarine motorcycles are dangerous. There is only one passenger, with a sealed helmet. The sea water is flowing over the shoulders. Driving under a 3-meter-deep underwater motor for more than half an hour is very exciting. The cost is 50 Euro/person.

The Royal Botanical Garden in the capital, Port Louis, is also worth a visit. It covers an area of more than 800 acres. The “Amazon River Giant Lotus” is the largest floating lotus in the world. It will not sink if you sit on a child. The ticket is 8 Euro/person.

  Tip: The Colombian economy is mainly based on the sugar industry, and the sugar industry museum is also very interesting. The so-called sugar produced by the Democratic Party will not gain weight and can raise stomach.

  Regarding the other 1, the Colombian currency is the rupee, and the 1 yuan can be exchanged for 4.

5 rupees.

It is more cost-effective to exchange RMB for US dollars and then convert it to Lu.

The local bank has already opened the business of UnionPay cards, but it is mainly cash in places outside the tourist area, so it is best to exchange some rupees.

  2. Mauritius has a subtropical maritime climate.

The seaside resort has a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, in addition to the summer dress, you need to carry a thin long-sleeved shirt and jacket.

  3, Colombia time is 4 hours slower than China.

  Tip: The shops here usually close at 4pm and the supermarket will be late.

The diamonds produced here are of the same quality as South African diamonds, but the price is 10%-15% cheaper.

In addition, the spices produced in Mauritius are organic, you can buy some dry, and there is no problem when entering the immigration.

How to prevent children with autism from doing four things

How to prevent children with autism from doing four things

Increase the contact time with young children, enhance the emotional communication with young children, usually play with the children often, constantly touch the head and limbs of the child, kiss the child’s face and small hands, and pay attention to often give the child a smile and joy, so that the childProduce and gain stability, pleasure and satisfaction.

Don’t rush to do housework after work, you should take some time to get in touch with the children, use a gentle, harmonious, amiable tone to talk and talk with the children, tell the children a quick and interesting story, sing the songs that are turned and listen, and bathe the children.Wash your face, comb your hair, cut your nails, etc., so that your child feels the kindness of his parents. He has a face, a cheerful heart and a happy spirit, which promotes the growth and development of children and physiological development, which is conducive to the prevention of psychological autism.

I often take toddlers to walk in the green forest and manor, play, watch birds and animals in the park, see exotic flowers and plants, and play with large toys.

I often sing, dance, play games, conduct sports activities, and engage in extremely simple housework with young children.

This can increase the amount of activity of the child, and can also be exercised by the child, and the child can be educated.

To establish a democratic, equal, united, and harmonious family relationship, each member must respect each other, care for each other, be considerate, and help each other.

We must unite and love, be faithful and sincere, speak civilized, be polite, pay attention to good moral quality, always, always do things, and give children a very good influence, so that children can learn by example, and have motivation and confidence.

Recommended: thin baby fattening meal

Recommended: thin baby fattening meal

For children to increase fat, you can consider milk, almonds, sesame, cashews and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink, and cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect.

In addition, introduce parents to several types of fattening diet for children.

  In fact, generally thin people want to gain weight and fitness, no need to resort to drugs, as long as the correct diet, with diet tonic, you can receive good results.

Thin people, more yin deficiency, less blood and less, so diet should be more food, such as milk, honey, eggs and so on.

  For children to increase fat, you can consider milk, almonds, sesame, cashews and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink, and cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect.

In addition, introduce some kinds of fattening diet for children: 1, yam cheese porridge with yam, cheese, sugar, wash the fresh yam, mash the mud, add rice porridge when cooked, then mix the cheese, white sugar to eat.

Because the yam tastes sweet and flat, it can make up for the win, long muscles, moisturizing the hair, for the treatment of weight loss.

The cheese can nourish the lungs and nourish the skin.

The combination of the two can be used to transport the spleen and stomach and fund the source. Therefore, the child is weak and the effect is very good.

  2, grape pear juice 200 grams of fresh grapes, 1 pear, wash the grapes, remove the granules, peeled pears, cut into pieces, use the juicer to squeeze the grapes, pearsRaw juice.

1 dose per day, when tea is mixed.

Can be tonic and strong, benefit Qi and fat.

  3, honey lemon orange juice with 2 oranges, 15 grams of lemon juice, honey amount.

Wash the oranges, cut them in half, squeeze the juice with a juicer, add honey, and mix thoroughly with lemon juice.

1 per day?
2 times, when tea is mixed.

It can strengthen the spleen, appetite, and fat.

  4, jujube soup prepared red dates 100 grams, washed red dates, boiled until cooked soft.

Take 1 dose a day, take 2 times, and drink soup and dates.

It can replenish spleen and strengthen spleen.

  5, walnut powder with 500 grams of walnuts, the right amount of sugar.

Stir the walnuts until they are cooked, add sugar, and use the crusher powder for fine.

2 times a day, 2 times each time?
3 spoons, taken on an empty stomach.

Can be kidney ton, fat and moisturizing.

  In addition, parents should make children a balanced diet, can eat cream or other edible oils, jams, sugar and other high-fat, high-sugar foods to increase calories.

Although weight gain is too fast, long-term or excessive consumption can undermine appetite and may lead to chronic diseases that endanger health.

Use a balanced diet and incremental food intake to avoid compulsive supplies and sabotage appetite.

First of all, the fitness of the elderly

First of all, the fitness of the elderly

For the elderly fitness exercise, it is necessary to master the appropriate exercise intensity and exercise under the guidance of scientific exercise prescription.

In 1990, the American Sports Medicine Association recommended 60% of the highest heart rate (220 years old) of the exercise intensity threshold for the elderly, equivalent to 50% of the maximum oxygen uptake rate, and the heart can be 110-130 beats/min, 3 times a week.20-60 minutes each time.

However, for healthy elderly people over 65 years old, the above-mentioned exercise intensity is often exercised, and they will feel tired, wheezing and sweating. If they are elderly people who have not exercised or sick elderly people, they will soon be unable to stand it.Stop exercising.

  In response to these circumstances, the American Heart Association issued a formal statement in 1992, a traditional view of the American Sports Medicine Association, clearly pointed out: 1, the lack of physical activity is the main risk factor for coronary heart disease.

2, any strength or type of physical activity can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

3, whether it is coronary heart disease patients, or healthy people, some benefit from physical activity habits.

In order to encourage more Americans to participate in fitness activities, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Sports Medicine Association jointly recommended, and participated in several academic groups including the American Heart Association, the American Presidential Committee on Physical and Sports, and the American Institute of Aging.In January, he published a paper entitled “Physical Activity and Public Health”, which questioned the intensity movement. First, the exercise plan originally recommended by the American Sports Medicine Association was too strong; the new program extended the above traditional model toPhysical activity – a healthy model, focusing on activities as well as even small amounts of exercise, can also achieve the same health benefits.

  Second, it is considered that the accumulation of intermittent, short-term (such as 10 minutes) physical activity is also a suitable method for fitness.

The paper also introduced the results of the study, such as the same intensity, every 30 minutes, another group of 10 minutes each time, completed in 3 times, the physical strength after the replacement exercise was significantly improved, and there was almost no significant difference.

  Third, think that the movement can be flexible and diverse, as long as the activity is good.

Some of the projects that have been classified as living, working and entertainment have also been included, and it is proposed to participate in regular projects (jogging, walking, stepping on exercise bikes, swimming, playing, etc.) in one round, or several different activities.

For example, instead of taking the elevator by climbing stairs; replacing the car by walking; doing gymnastics or stepping on the exercise bike while watching TV; gardening, housework, dancing, and playing games with children.

In particular, it is typical of moderate physical activity, such as lawn cutting and home repairs that men often do.

  Fourth, it is recommended that each American adult engage in intermediate physical activity every day, including a short-term activity that gradually reaches 30 minutes.

This is roughly equivalent to a 200 kilocalorie transition per day.

  Fifthly, it is considered that it is biased towards gymnastics, tension and weight-bearing activities. These reductions and strength exercises have been classified as taboos in the past. They are considered to be unnecessary and can improve the balance function and reduce the fall and collapse.Muscle strength.

Chinese Taijiquan has been studied by American scholars and believes that it can reduce the onset of cardiovascular disease and is widely welcomed by Westerners.

  According to the development trend of international physical activity and rehabilitation theory and practice, we believe that the above-mentioned fitness exercise for the elderly should also pay attention to the following points: 1. The intensity of fitness for the elderly should start from mild activities.

According to the study, people who have long-term adherence to low-energy exercise are less likely to participate in or occasionally participate in exercise, which can reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, senile dementia by 35%, and reduce mortality.

Exercise time can be added once or once a day for more than 30 minutes. Those who have sufficient strength can transition to moderate. Those with good health can start directly from moderate exercise. Severe exercise should be cautious. At this time, exercise should be classified as taboo.

Even the consumption of quantum per day can be lower at the beginning, gradually increasing to 150-200 kcal per day.

  2, the type of fitness for the elderly should be flexible and pay attention to recreation.

Tai Chi, twisting Yangko, jumping old disco, playing gateball, similar to gymnastics, walking is also a good way to exercise.

Older people over the age of 70 insist on walking for 30 minutes a day, in men’s bone salt content, lung function and ability to climb the stairs; in women’s muscle strength and speed up the stairs, there are obvious benefits.

At present, there are not many researches on the fitness of the elderly and the elderly who have been in bed for a long time. There are many activities such as chair exercises and bed exercises in foreign countries, which deserve more and further research.

  3, such as exercise in the morning, the amount of exercise should be smaller.

People are accustomed to exercise in the morning, but the morning coronary artery tension is high, sympathetic nerve excitability is also higher, painless myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction annihilation and sudden death are also mostly from 6 am to 12 noon, so shouldTry to choose afternoon and evening activities.

  4, a hundred steps after a meal is uncertain science, should be careful.

There is an old saying in China: “After a meal, you can live ninety-nine.” From the perspective of modern medicine, the elderly should not advocate a hundred steps after a meal, because eating especially for people with cardiovascular disease isA load.

The Hebei Institute of Geriatrics studied the postprandial exercise of the elderly several years ago. It was found that the blood pressure dropped from 139 mm Hg to 129 mm Hg in the 60 minutes after the meal, and the heart rate increased 15 times/min.After exercise, orthostatic hypotension accounted for 25%, indicating that postprandial exercise has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, but the ECG does not change.

Therefore, the elderly should avoid exercising after a meal, especially within two hours after a full meal.

  5, to maintain the health effects of physical activity depends on long-term adherence.

After a few weeks of general suspension, this effect gradually disappears. As for illness or in the hot summer season, you can temporarily stop training.

  In short, the elderly must participate in fitness exercises: (1), from person to person.

Each human body has different strengths and different health conditions. The number of participating projects and sports cannot be the same.

  (2) Persevere.

Exercise is expensive.

  (3), step by step.Activity intensity should be mild and moderate.

  (4), check the effect.

Consult a doctor with a sports medicine literacy every six months or one year.

Delicious lemon recipes help you lose weight successfully

Delicious lemon recipes help you lose weight successfully

The whitening lemon beauty afternoon tea loses 7-12 pounds per week. This is by no means a wake-up phrase for people who are taking weight loss. Compared with other methods, it is indeed a new way to replace healthy and lose weight.

The lemon recipe not only makes the excess adult and weight, but also makes the whole body strong and healthy.

  The main purpose of the lemon recipe is to activate the body’s self-purification process, dissolve excess traces, remove waste and toxins from various organisms (liver, kidney, lung, lymphatic system and skin), purify the blood, improve blood quality, and promote metabolism.Clean and repair the entire digestion and absorption system, enhance digestion and adjust absorption balance.

  It takes only 5-7 days to successfully complete the entire self-purification process. This is a journey of self-healing and a journey of experiencing self-fulfillment. It is also an easy journey to promote psychological will.

  Lemon is delicious and weight-loss preset. Lemon is a nutritious fruit supplemented with vitamin C. It is generally used as a beauty food.

In fact, the substances contained in the lemons, after reasonable blending, are still very effective weight-loss substances.

It can make you enjoy the delicious lemon and make you a beautiful woman with beautiful appearance and good shape.

  Here is a simple, economical, natural and effective lemon recipe from Switzerland.

It stimulates the body’s self-purification process, slimming and detoxifying, and rejuvenating.

  In the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Poland, Slovenia, South America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland, NeeraLemon recipes have been translated into a variety of texts and websites to spread health concepts and serve the general public through global distributors.

  Lemon vinegar is an edible vinegar that has the effect of slimming beauty.

The lemon is durable and easy to store. It is rich in vitamin C. It can prevent redness and swelling of the gums, and even reduce the incidence of dark spots and freckles, and some whitening effects.

Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired results, it is best to have the most nutritious juice.

Lemon and vinegar also have the effect of losing weight. It seems that lemon vinegar can really be a beauty and can be said to be a healthy food.

If you drink a small cup after a meal, you can make yourself more energetic, refreshed and more beautiful.

But the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high, too much to drink on an empty stomach will hurt the stomach, try not to be careful.

  Natural lemonade diet lemonade can quench your thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively inhibit improper diet, plus a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant.

This weight-loss method is now the most popular in Japan, and it can achieve weight loss by operating at home, so it is called “housewife”-style drinking and dieting method, which is very effective.

  The weight loss methods are as follows: 1.

Add one half of lemon juice to one liter of water and insert it into the refrigerator. The temperature is easy to have a cool and refreshing feeling.


Drink at least three liters of lemonade a day, without special diet or snacks, but always add lemonade.


It must be combined with daily exercise for 15 minutes. It does not have to be carried out continuously. It can also be used to disperse sweat during the dispersing time. The purpose is to eliminate harmful substances in the body.

  The lemon recipe is not designed to cure a specific disease, but it enhances the body’s resistance while purifying the body.

Basically, all diseases have an ordinary origin: that is, the accumulation of waste and toxins in different parts of the body.

Lemon recipes remove these wastes and toxins and, therefore, eliminate the root causes of the disease.

After a recipe, to maintain good health, the most important thing is to adopt a healthy, nutritious diet.

  During the lemon recipe, the body gets all the necessary energy, minerals and indispensable vitamins.

Many people even lose 2 pounds twice a day, and they don’t feel any harmful harm to the body. That’s why there are so many overweight people trying lemon recipes. Indeed, there is no significant weight loss.Any doubts.

Try lemon recipes, you can almost lose weight, you will notice: your skin is shiny and your hair is brighter; when you realize that you are light, your body will be together for a long time.It is.

Spring and summer alternate, how to adapt to daylight saving time?

Spring and summer alternate, how to adapt to daylight saving time?

When you broadcast your alarm clock to daylight saving time on Sunday morning, you already know that you will lose an hour of precious sleep.

But you should not know that if you don’t adapt to this adjustment, you will lose more.

  “In the first two days of daylight saving time, the incidence of traffic accidents has increased,”

said Shelby, director of behavioral sleep medicine at the Sleep-Awakening Center in Monterey, New York.

Harris said, “Since there are so many traffic accidents, it is conceivable how many other things will be affected.

“Really, according to a study published in the English Medical Journal last fall: after a half-year shift, the number of people will always increase, especially in the spring.

According to Apala Giza, the chief physician of the Sleep Disorders Center at the Houston Methodist School?

According to V, the normal circadian rhythm (biological clock) will adjust the time variation by 24 to 48 hours.

  The good news is that there are a few small ways for experts to help us make a smooth transition: three days before the day of daylight saving time, 15 minutes earlier than the previous day.

But don’t be excited about the increase in sleep – because you have to get up 15 minutes early to achieve a smooth adjustment.

Nicholas, director of the Sleep Medical Center at West End Hospital, West York, USA?

Dr. R said: “Experience the change of season, basically you just try to get the time to go to bed earlier.

“Make sure your other life rhythms are also taken into account.

Harris recommends: Before the start of the summer solstice, it is best to eat one hour earlier in the evening, don’t fight in the afternoon and evening.

  Wake up in the morning and let yourself have enough light around you to stand up or walk outside the house.

That will make the circadian rhythm a little earlier.

Daytime exercise in daylight has the same effect.

  Avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages for at least 6 hours before going to bed.

  Adjust the clock a little faster during the day on Saturday, not before going to bed.

You can get used to the change of time earlier.

  Make a simple timetable for one or two days after the start of daylight saving time, reduce the movement of time, reset without driving (you can choose to take a bus, etc.) For those with insomnia, the change of daylight saving time gives them a waste of space.

This group of people should be more correctly recognized.


V Tip: “People who have a potential sleep disorder (such as sleep apnea syndrome) need treatment to match changes in time.

  According to estimates by the American Medical Research Institute, about 50 to 70 million Americans face major or minor sleep problems.

Five major care methods for skin allergies

Five major care methods for skin allergies

The phenomenon of skin allergies is not particularly rare around us. The occurrence of skin allergies causes serious harm to the healthy skin of patients and friends, so we must be timely in allergic diseases.What is the preventive care method for skin allergies?

The five major nursing methods for skin allergies should pay attention to the nutritional balance in the diet. You can eat more milk, freshwater fish, soy products and fresh vegetables and fruits to enhance skin resistance.

Avoid eating salty water fish, shrimp, crabs and other foods that are allergic to allergies.

Second, the use of cosmetics as a person with allergies should be very careful. The first time you use a certain kind of cosmetics, you should be very careful. You should do a skin patch test beforehand. If there is no adverse reaction, you can use it, otherwise you can’t use it.

Cosmetics that cannot be replaced, skin care products that contain too much flavor and are too acidic and too alkaline can not be used.

Third, excessive care and neglect of allergies are not too many products and too complicated skin care procedures, it is not an effective way to improve allergies.

But nothing can be done without the same, because lack of moisture, there may be more serious peeling, lack of sunscreen care, may make the skin rough and cause uneven pigmentation.

Soothing moisturizing toner, ion reduction process, moisturizing!

Fourth, make-up attention to sensitive issues If you find yourself sensitive to cosmetics, you should stop using it, do not make the skin worse because of the greed.

If you must apply makeup, you can use the key makeup method, draw eyeliner, apply mascara, and then apply a natural and shiny lipstick, which can also create a very beautiful look.

5. After mild skin cleansing, do not wash your face with too hot water, twist the skin, and do not use soap. The alkali will aggravate the symptoms of skin allergy.

Wash your face with a gentle soothing cleansing foam without applying any skin care products. Use your fingers to make some gentle massage on your arms to relax your facial muscles, promote normal blood circulation, and accelerate the healing of skin allergies.

The above is the relevant content of skin allergy care methods, especially remind you that if you have serious skin allergies, please go to the hospital in time to prevent the disease from worsening and threatening your health.

Spring health care is focused on flirting

Spring health care is focused on flirting

When it comes to the beginning of the year, the year is spring.

The season of recovery of all things is also the best time for health care.

  Lichun is the first solar term in the year. Lichun is the beginning of spring. The change of weather is most frequent and fickle. At this time, “Hundreds of grasses are buds, and all diseases are easy to send”. Attention should be paid to health care in spring to adapt to seasonal changes.Good for primary health.

The following are some of the health care methods for the Spring Festival.

  The flirting spring belongs to the wood in the five elements, the liver is wood, corresponding to the spring, the main rises, the joy and the depression.

Therefore, the first thing to raise the liver is to adjust the emotions.

From the beginning of the beginning of the spring to force violent anger, but also more emotional and melancholy, to be open-minded, optimistic, to maintain a quiet, pleasant and good attitude.

  Modern medical research has shown that bad mood can easily lead to liver qi stagnation can lead to liver disease, mental illness, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infectious diseases.

Therefore, spring activities can be increased, such as flowering, fishing, painting and calligraphy, chess or travel, and strive to make the mood comfortable and harmonious.

  In the winter, people wear clothes tightly, and the functions of the body temperature regulation center and the organs are reduced to varying degrees. In addition, the activity is reduced, the muscles are lack of exercise, and people are easily tired.

The spring is conducive to the body to absorb the essence of the natural world, to fill the dirty, metaplastic blood.

  This time, sometimes jogging, climbing, climbing stairs, cycling and other endurance exercises, make the blood flow smooth, stagnation and evacuation, prevent premature aging, improve heart and lung and metabolic function; walk, Qigong, Tai Chi, self-healing massage, etc.To eliminate fatigue; medical sports can be used for chronic diseases, such as patients with gastroptosis can do abdominal muscle exercise.

  Diet and spring diet should be more sweet and less acid, should be light and mild.

  Sour taste into the liver, with astringent nature, is not conducive to yang hair growth and liver gas evacuation, and spring is the time when the liver is prosperous, eating more acidic foods will lead to more prosperous liver gas, damage the spleen and stomach, sweet food can nourish the spleen and stomach.

  Therefore, in this solar terms, you should eat more foods that are sweet and temperate, and promote jujube and yam.

In addition to jujube and yam, there are rice, millet, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, lentils, soybeans, spinach, carrots, taro, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, black fungus, mushrooms, longan, chestnuts, etc.

In addition, eat more spleen and stomach foods, such as chickens, ducks, lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., which contain vitamins, rich trace elements and are easy to digest.

  In addition, you should drink plenty of water, which will help keep your blood flowing smoothly and prevent respiratory diseases.

In addition, you should eat less cold foods such as cucumber, melon, and mung bean sprouts, which will break down the growth of yang in the spring; eat more onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, onions and other warm foods, which can play a role in dispelling cold.

The right diet is helping the fattening

The right diet is helping the fattening

Some people mistakenly think that it is quite wrong to make “skinny” into “fat”, that is, to achieve the beauty of the body, so blindly eating a lot.

Many women not only do not have “beauty”, but instead suffer from chronic diseases because they “eat too much.”

  What is the correct diet?

  Nutrition experts and gym instructors agree that thin women can follow the following dietary methods to help the body look good.

  Eating less and eating more is an important way to increase weight. Most people who are thinner are weaker in the stomach. Eating too much at a meal often causes gastrointestinal indigestion.

You can increase the number of meals to 4, 5 or more, but it must be moderate, so as to avoid excessive weight gain and suffering from obesity, it will not be worth the loss.

When you are eating a nutritious diet, you don’t have to be as jealous as obese people. Choose a nutritious food to eat. Eat more protein, traces, vitamins and minerals such as lean meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits., soy products, honey, nuts and so on.

  But be careful not to eat too much crude fiber food.

The fiber contained in the food will swell and swell during the passage through the digestive tract, increasing the volume of the food and slowing down the speed of the upper digestive tract and the small intestine, so it is easy to cause satiety and reduce food intake.

A woman with a thin body drinks a cup of orange juice at rest, which helps the stomach to provide more stomach acid and effectively promotes digestion and absorption of food.

Do not do housework or work immediately after using the meal. You should sit down or lie down for a while, at least half an hour before you can start working.

  Enjoy the joy of snacks in addition to the height of the scattered, enjoy the joy of snacks.

Usually, you can put some snacks containing certain concentrations, such as biscuits, jellies, potato chips, mung bean cakes, sausages, whole milk powder, chocolate, etc., in the place where you can reach them.

When you eat orange, orange and other fruits, and add juice in the whole milk powder, it can help the body to deliver more content.

  Nighttime eating at night, some short-term early storage is easier to store. The ability to break down the body during sleep is weakened. Eating cakes before going to bed, ice cream, sesame cakes and other high-protein snacks are better than eating during the day.

Nutritionists reminded that it is not appropriate to eat too much at night, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach, which is not conducive to health and sleep, and has no side effects for the body.

Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming

Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming

Qingming is the meaning of heaven and earth.

At this time, the climate is warm, the peach blossoms are beginning to bloom, and the willows are green, which is the day of worshipping the tombs.

In addition, Qingming is still an important health festival.

How to maintain health, may wish to look at the health care recommended by experts.

  The three types of health-care movements that are suitable for the Qingming period are getting warmer during the Qingming period. Spring training is a must, but not all sports are suitable for this time.

  Recommended one: gentle exercise in the spring breeze and the hustle and bustle of the day, walking, jogging and other relatively quiet sports are more suitable for you just came from the cold winter.

And go and stop, when the time is fast and slow, this stop and go, fast and slow walking or jogging can stabilize the mood, eliminate fatigue, improve the heart and lung function, reduce blood lipids, improve the body’s metabolic capacity of health care.

  Recommendation 2: Leisure and fun mountaineering, you can practice your feet on foot and drive the body’s big cycle.

For those who have difficulty in hiking and hiking, or who are limited by time, they can choose a kite that combines leisure, entertainment and exercise.

  Recommendation 3: Health and wellness spring training may be easier for younger friends, but for middle-aged and older people, spring training should be scientific and reasonable and targeted.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose some taiji, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin and other qigong exercises with health and health effects.

  In the spring, the human blood goes from the inside to the outside, and the whole nature is also in the time when everything is born.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that before and after the Qingming, we must remember to “get up early in the night and walk in the court.”

“After the night is dark, you should sleep. Get up early, get up early in the morning.”

This is because the blood in the spring goes out, and we sleep a little earlier in the evening, which is conducive to recovery of blood.

“Growing in the court” is to go out for a walk often, feel the breath of nature, and naturally form a harmonious state with the natural world.

  We must pay attention to breathing with the tortoise before and after breathing. The method of breathing can be taken from the turtle.

Usually people use chest breathing, while when they are asleep, they are mostly breathing.

The tortoise has no intercostal muscles and intercostal bones. It only combines the head and neck and the stomach, so its breathing is very special. It is a chest-type and abdominal breathing.

  How do people learn turtle breathing?

In fact, it is very simple. When you breathe, try to expand the contour of the chest to inhale the air, then further mobilize the abdominal muscles for abdominal breathing, let the air all the way from the buttocks, the abdomen, always put it in the dantian, and then deeply by the nose.All spit out, this is chest and abdominal breathing.

  Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming Festival is approaching, and soon entering the season of “there are many spring rains falling down.”

Traditional health studies believe that “spring and liver correspond to”, so spring liver care is often health care.

  Spring is the time when the liver is rising, so it is not appropriate to eat “fat” food (such as bamboo shoots, chicken, etc.).

In the Qingming period, you should eat more foods that are soft and nourishing the lungs, amaranth, spinach, yam, and white fungus are good choices.

  Before and after the Qingming, you may also want to drink some chrysanthemum tea.

Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum can evacuate wind and heat, have a liver, prevent colds, lower blood pressure and so on.

However, drinking chrysanthemum tea will also hurt the liver, so you should add it in moderation.