What to do to recover the gap in love

What to do to recover the gap in love

Twenty-six-year-old age is not wasted, Liu has had several unforgettable romances, which can be long or short, and he can’t escape the end of the breakup.

Knowing that there are no perfect things in the world, I still pursue the perfection of love without hesitation.

Liu Ye knows that she knows her so-called capital, she is young and beautiful, and she has enough salary to make a slight surplus after she has deliberately consumed it, so there seems to be nothing to seduce her into dizziness except for love.

  It is not accidental to encounter security. Such a man can only play a role in the back. It is the only option to take the initiative.

Fortunately, deliberate encounters have created the perfect beginning of ideal love.

Ann is born with handsomeness, wherever he goes, it feels like a ray of warmth.

What really made Liu unable to extricate himself was the smile he had in mind at the corner of his mouth before the negotiating table.

It’s been a long time before I found out that such a man who is walking at the forefront of the times is like a developed virgin forest. At any time, you will find a pleasant scenery.

Tolerant and rational, calm and courageous, yet gentle and gentle, caring for her is like treating a favorite delicate porcelain, holding it in your hands and hurting in your heart.

  For such a year and a half, love is really the perfection that Liu wants.

I am afraid that such a man would never be forgiven for a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

It seems that there is only a luxurious wedding of the prince and princess.

Liu’s heart was always filled with a joy that could not be hidden.

  The wedding is set at the slightly cool end of October. That day is expanding day by day. Trivial things seem to never end. It becomes a little increase in the fear of marriage. The joy is squeezed into the corner.

That day, even arguing about the color of the bed cover and An, what made Liu sad was that An didn’t tolerate this time, but accepted the move unbearably.

  It was so noisy that dinner was omitted, and when night fell, it was a bit cool. Liu Ye forgot the reason for the original quarrel, only to think that a man can murder a woman so sweatlessly, because his love is no longer there.

He took the towel and lay on the sofa in the living room in tears silently. For a long time, An slightly snoring came from the bedroom.

  At midnight, I got used to drinking water, maybe he could carry himself into the bedroom?

Mr. Liu, who has never closed his eyes, deliberately placed it on the opposite side when An passed the living room. Ke An didn’t seem to hear it and returned to the bedroom without turning his head after drinking water.

After a while, there was a slight snoring sound, all of which were harsh to Liu Fan.

  At dawn, the shells of Willow still shed tears, maybe it was just the decision that she just made to dim her: break up.

It’s time to fall back and look at that stumbling block, but Liu can’t say anything about it now. The quarrel was actually irrelevant, but unfortunately it became an irreparable gap in love.

Some black foods that can nourish the kidneys

Some black foods that can nourish the kidneys

Black beans, also known as black beans, are sweet and flat, and enter the spleen and kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black beans are helpful for anti-aging and have the special function of medical treatment and food therapy.

It is rich in protein, traces, residues and carotene, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and other nutrients, and it contains estrogen, which is beneficial to delay aging and beauty.

Black beans are also good for treating edema, and promoting blood circulation and detoxification.

Pharmacological research results show that black beans can nourish yin and nourish qi, and are a strong and nourishing food.

  There are various ways to eat, you can stew, porridge, or make soy milk, and grind it into bean paste to make snacks.

Black bean juice can be used to relieve and treat food and drug poisoning.

  Seaweed is rich in calcium and iron, which can effectively treat anemia in women and children, and can promote bone and tooth growth and health care of children and the elderly.

Laver also contains rich choline components, which can enhance memory.

Laver has the function of softening and stiffening. Because it contains a certain amount of mannitol, it is a very strong diuretic and can be used as a supplementary food for the treatment of edema.

The iodine content in laver is also very high. In ancient times, it was used to treat “big neck disease” caused by iodine deficiency, that is, “goiter”.

Dipping soup or making sushi-like food is delicious.

Soak the hair with fresh water before cooking and change the water once or twice to fully clean.

  Black rice Black rice contains eighteen kinds of amino acids and trace elements B1, B2 such as selenium, iron, zinc, etc., with extremely high nutritional value.

Long-term consumption of black rice can promote sleep and can treat dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, and waist and leg weakness.

Modern medicine believes that black rice has certain effects on blood replenishment, analgesia, and treatment of internal and external injuries.

Maternal eat more black rice food, the body can recover as soon as possible; those who have suffered a bruise or fracture, eat more black rice food or smash the black rice and apply it externally, which can speed up the cure and assist the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

  Suitable for porridge, can also be used to make dim sum, dumplings, dumplings, bread and so on.

Wash the rice with cold water, do not rub, and boil the rice water with the rice to fully preserve its nutritional content.

  Kelp Kelp is known as the “longevity dish”.

Rich in carbohydrates, excess protein and trace amounts.

Compared with spinach and rape, in addition to containing vitamin C, its protein, sugar, calcium, and iron content are several times to dozens of times higher.

Kelp is a kind of seaweed with high iodine content. It is very effective for the prevention and treatment of goiter and other edema diseases.

A layer of hoarfrost-like white powder attached to kelp is a valuable medicinal substance, mannitol, which has the effects of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and swelling.

Kelp also contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, which can reduce blood viscosity and reduce vascular sclerosis. Regular eating can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  Mostly used for stewing soup, making cold dishes, vegetarian food or eating small amounts with meat.

When cleaning, do not wash the white powder on the surface to avoid losing nutrition.

Acupuncture side effects, improper use, damage to internal organs

Acupuncture side effects, improper use, damage to internal organs

Although acupuncture weight loss has not been recorded in ancient medicine, it has recently been clinically acupuncture to suppress appetite and achieve weight loss. It has basically been affirmed, especially for those who use weightless drugs or drugs to reduce weight. Traditional Chinese medicine acupunctureThe way to lose weight is actually a good weight loss method.
  针灸不当可能损伤内脏  据调查,目前许多生活美容院都存在着针灸减肥的项目,她们往往打着“快速减肥”“一针见效”的广告语来招揽顾客,但实际上,在生活美容院里It is completely illegal to carry out such acupuncture weight loss.
Because of improper acupuncture, it causes heart, lung, liver and other visceral injuries.
  In addition, after the silver needle is inserted into the acupuncture point of the human body, the capillaries may be broken. Therefore, if the silver needle is not fully autoclaved during repeated use, it is easy for patients to spread blood and hepatitis B diseases.
  针灸减肥不卫生感染传染病  在一些针灸减肥场所没有严格按照“一人一针一穴”的基本原则,用完后立即丢弃;也没有必要的消毒设备,如果使用非一次性的针灸针,那么每After passing through acupuncture points, the needle should be put up and soaked, and then autoclaved, so as to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through acupuncture needles.
Soaking only with disinfectant does not solve the problem.
In this case, the risk of contracting infectious diseases is quite large.
  Acupuncture to lose weight improperly fainting coma No effect is the most wasted money, delaying the time, the most terrible is “to tie things out.”
When acupuncture is used for weight loss, the needle of the abdomen cannot enter too deep, otherwise the organ may be injured.
Especially for young women with thin abdominal walls, more attention should be paid.
In addition, acupuncturists should also have the ability to handle abnormal phenomena such as fainting, stagnation, curved needles, and folding needles.
“Acupuncturists” who have not systematically studied anatomy, acupuncture and moxibustion, may have no understanding of the above situation. Their technical level is not only doubtful, but also fearful.
  Acupuncture weight loss method is suitable for young and middle-aged obese people aged 20 to 50. Here, Feihua Net Xiaobian also reminds everyone that acupuncture weight loss is not a panacea, so when taking acupuncture, pay attention to professional Chinese medicine acupuncture to lose weight.Institutions, in order to be protected, will avoid some of the side effects of acupuncture weight loss.

What is covered by men’s health

What is covered by men’s health

The so-called male health or health concept is not unique to men. Men’s health topics discussed hereafter mainly refer to patients with male sexual dysfunction. The health care of such patients should be paid attention to from the following aspects.

  The first is mental health care. Men’s sexual dysfunction and psychological disorders are the most common. More than 90% of patients do not have organic lesions, which are caused by psychological reasons. Our country has a long and longThe history of feudal society, so Chinese men have a sense of self-closure, which is very different from Western men, so self-adjustment is the most important treatment.

  The second is organic lesions. A few people have organic lesions, which can be basically solved according to today’s medical technology. Even real impotence patients can also be fitted with prostheses for treatment, which can meet their physiological needs.

  The third is about aphrodisiac drugs. There are many men, especially middle-aged men and over, looking for some aphrodisiac drugs. In fact, the only medicine in the world that is directly active against male sex is Viagra.Reproductive organ blood vessels achieve therapeutic purposes, however, the drug is a therapeutic drug, not a health-care drug, and must be taken under a doctor’s order, otherwise it may cause danger to life.

Six best health soups for August

Six best health soups for August

The time is August, when the summer heat is not gone, and it will be transferred to autumn. In this season, people are prone to lack of appetite, the body consumes a lot of body fluid, and the nutrients are easily lost, especially inorganic salts.

At this time we must not only increase the absorption of vegetables, but also drink more soup!

Today, Xiaowei will introduce you to six classic soups that are suitable for August to relieve heat and dampness, and nourish yin and lungs!

  Recipe 1: Prunella Vulgaris Black Bean Soup. Prunella vulgaris is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used for diet in summer and summer in Guangdong.

Chinese medicine believes that it is cold, tastes bitter, and has the functions of clearing fire, eyesight, loosening and swelling.

Black beans are commonly used as food supplements in Guangdong. Some people mistakenly think that it is hot and dry. In fact, Chinese medicine believes that it is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing the spleen, water, and detoxification.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish the kidney yin, moisturize the lungs, dry the wind, and promote blood circulation to detoxify.

The two are combined into a soup, which is used in this summer and autumn and summer, as well as tonifying kidney water and calming the liver.

  Ingredients: 30 grams of prunella vulgaris, 50 grams of black beans, moderate sugar.

  Method: Soak the prunella vulgaris, wash it, pack it with gauze or soup bag, soak the black beans, and wash them. Put them into a clay pot together, add 1250 ml of water (about 5 bowls), and change to a fire pot after the boiled pot is boiled.About 30-40 minutes, add the right amount of rock sugar.

  Recipe 2: Lotus Tang Biguo Decoction Luo Han’s fruit is cool and sweet, and has anti-inflammatory and heat-reducing effects, soothing throat and throat.

Its peel can also be used to soak water or make soup.

In addition to the lotus roots can nourish the lungs and relieve heat, it can also strengthen the spleen and promote appetite.

The elderly often eat ravioli, and can also implement the effect of nourishing blood and rejuvenating and prolonging life.

In addition, the ingredients of this sweet soup are cold, the stomach is cold, and people with diarrhea should not eat more.

  Ingredients: 2 Luo Han Guo, lotus root section, about 10 red dates, rock sugar section.

  Method: Wash the red dates with water and soak them in water for later use, then wash the outer skin of Luo Han Guo, gently pat the shell with a knife, and remove the flesh.

Peel the lotus root, wash it, and cut into thin slices.

Then add Luo Han pulp and red dates to the pot and add 1.

After about 5 liters of water, boil over high heat, and then change to a simmering pot for 20 minutes.

Finally, add lotus root slices and rock sugar, and simmer for another 15 minutes.

  Recipe 3: Apple Tremella Soup Apple is mixed with crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, assist the human body to expel wastes smoothly, and reduce harmful substances to the skin.

Apple also contains a lot of trace elements such as magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, etc., which can make the skin delicate, smooth, rosy and shiny.

Tremella fungus is a natural and natural botanical gum. With its soothing effect, long-term use can moisturize and remove melasma and freckles on the face.

Apple Tremella Soup, refreshed and annealed, nourishing Qi.

  Ingredients: apple, white fungus, lily, lotus seed.

  Method: Bubble the Tremella for more than 4 hours, cut into small flowers, and soak the lotus seeds with warm water for two hours.

Then, the apples were washed and cut into pieces, and the white fungus, lily and lotus seeds were put into the pot, and then boiled on high heat for half an hour.

Finally, add jujube, pour in apples, add rock sugar, and simmer slowly for more than an hour.

  Recipe 4: Lotus leaf melon pot Laoya Tang melon contains vitamin C decomposition, and high potassium content, sodium content replacement, hypertension, kidney disease, edema and other patients eat it, can achieve swelling without hurting righteousness.

Glycolic acid contained in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can make the body fit.

The fresh lotus leaves in the soup clear the heat and dampen the heat, and the melon clears the heat and relieves the heat, and the old male duck can nourish the yin and nourish the blood, and benefit the stomach.

The combination of the three can both clear away heat and relieve heat and dampness, and can also benefit the stomach.

  Ingredients: One piece of fresh lotus leaf, one to half a catty of fresh winter melon, and half a catty of male duck meat.

Method: Wash the above three kinds of food, put them into a clay pot together, add water to make a soup, season with salt, and drink soup to eat melon and duck meat.

  Recipe 5: Bamboo Duck Old Duck Soup Bamboo Duck Old Duck Soup, especially suitable for hot summer, has a good effect of summer heat and dampness, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing lungs and clearing heat.

Bamboo soup with duck soup is an excellent and classic match.

Because bamboo skewers and old ducks are foods that are cooler in nature, they are not easy to get angry in summer.  Ingredients: half a duck, 10 grams of Dendrobium, 1 bag of bamboo shoots, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 section of Beijing onion, 20 ml cooking wine, 2 liters of water, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, MSG.

  Method: Duck after washing, cut into pieces, soak Dendrobium for 10 minutes and put it into a soup bag. Ginger pat the flat, cut the green onions into small pieces. Put the duck pieces with ginger and green onions in the pot and pour the water.Remove the duck, ginger and spring onion after boiling the bleeding foam, rinse the foam with water, and put it in the soup pot.

Pour 2 liters of water into the soup pot, add Dendrobium, cooking wine, cover the pot with high heat and boil, then turn to the fire for 1 hour.

Remove the bamboo shoots 20 minutes in advance and repeatedly soak them 4 or 5 times to wash the sediment.

After 1 hour, open the lid, add salt and monosodium glutamate, then pour in the bamboo shoots, cover the lid and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

  Recipe 6: Lily and lotus seed soup Lily and lotus seed soup is made from lotus seeds, lilies, etc. Lily and lotus seeds have the effect of soothing the heart, soothing the lungs and relieving cough.

Therefore, the lily lotus seed soup, soothe the nerves, strengthen the spleen and stomach, the most suitable for consumption before and after the summer solar terms.

  Ingredients: 100 grams of dried lily, 75 grams of dried lotus seeds, 75 grams of rock sugar.

  Practice: After soaking the lily overnight, rinse it off.

Soak the lotus seeds for 4 hours and rinse.

Put lilies and lotus seeds in a pot of clear water. After the fire is boiled, add rock sugar and cook for another 40 minutes.

  At the same time, Xiaowei also reminds you that although the weather is hot, do not use “ice” to relieve heat.

Although the cold soup can relieve the heat, the cold air can easily damage the stomach gas and cause diarrhea and dizziness. The hotter the weather, the more obvious this situation is.

Don’t substitute cold soup for drinking.

When eating soup, eat the main ingredients.

Consuming soup strips before meals can supplement the necessary nutrients for the human body, which is very beneficial to the “bitter summer” crowd.

Do men all over the world need kidney?

Do men all over the world need kidney?

I often see such TV pictures: a middle-aged man frowning and saying “No way”, “No way”, and then a kidney remedy came out. The voice said, how good is the kidney remedy.

If you change channels and another brand of kidney remedy, a woman is saying, “He’s good, I’m fine.” This overwhelming advertisement seems to tell people: men in the world should replenish kidneys, “Ten people are nine.””Fatigue is kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency is to nourish the kidneys”. Kidney deficiency is not good sexual function. Taking kidney-reinforcing drugs can nourish the kidneys and impotence.

Therefore, many people are rushing to buy kidney medicine.

  Does anyone need a kidney?

Do I have to have kidney tonic in middle age?

  The concept of kidney explained by Chinese medicine is mainly from the perspective of function, covering the human body’s reproductive, urinary, nerve, bone and other tissues and organs, which regulate the human body’s function and provide “vitality” and “motivation” for life activities.effect.

“Deficiency” is mainly the result of poor function and nutritional deficiencies. Kidney deficiency can show kidney-related dysfunction, certain memory loss, low sexual function, easy fractures, anemia, inability to hold back urine, weak legs and so on.

These are the common symptoms of middle-aged people, but they cannot be generalized, thinking that the above symptoms must be kidney deficiency.

  Kidney deficiency is classified into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. Clinically, yin deficiency is more common than yang deficiency.

The manifestations of kidney yang deficiency are pale or dark, cold waist and knees, cold limbs, tiredness, and weakness; men with impotence, premature ejaculation, and loss of libido; they do not form or frequent urination, long, nocturnal urine, and pale tongue and white fur.
The manifestations of kidney yin deficiency are redness, tenderness and pain in waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, loosening of teeth; men’s spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation; insomnia, forgetfulness, dryness of the oropharynx, irritability, sweating during movement, redness in the afternoon, weight loss, Less yellow urine, red tongue with little or no moss.

Kidney yin and yang control the whole body’s yin and yang, and the change and balance of kidney yin and yang affect the dynamic balance of yin and yang of the five internal organs.

  Kidney deficiency is a manifestation of human aging. Aged kidney deficiency is an irresistible physiological process caused by aging. It is called physiological kidney deficiency, and middle-aged people with kidney deficiency symptoms are a kind of premature aging, called pathological kidney deficiency.

For middle-aged friends, if you want to change the senescence before you are old, you should nourish the kidney in time and improve the symptoms of senility due to kidney deficiency.

  Some people think that low back pain is kidney deficiency.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Low back pain is not necessarily kidney deficiency. It is easy to delay the condition by treating kidney back pain only with kidney tonic.

Some chronic low back pains are common in the clinic, such as chronic low back muscle strain, disc degeneration and other low back pain caused by protrusion. Treatment with kidney and aphrodisiac drugs is sometimes effective.

But not all low back pain is related to kidney deficiency.

Most kidney tonic medicines are warm in nature, and patients with damp fever such as lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar suppurative infection, ankylosing spondylitis, etc., will worsen the condition if taken.

Low back pain is only a symptom. In addition to the distortion of low back bones and joints, muscles and other tissues can cause low back pain, visceral diseases near the waist can also be caused.

  Some people blindly kidney, in fact, there are many misunderstandings.

Many people in life do not need kidney, fatigue, and age are not the standard to limit kidney.

If people who do not need kidney supplements have taken kidney supplements, they will not only be unable to supplement nutrients, but will also increase the burden of detoxification on the organs. Some people think that “people who have a bad spleen and stomach should also have kidney supplements.””Three points of poison”, the degree of damage to kidney-poor medicine for people with bad spleen and stomach, it is necessary to replenish, the body not only can not absorb, but there will be controversy; some middle-aged people believe that “sexual dysfunction is kidney deficiency”, which is also incorrectFrom the viewpoint, sexual health problems cannot be simply reduced to “kidney deficiency” and “reinforcing the kidneys and impotence”.

  Clinically, many middle-aged people find out how to solve the problem of sexual insufficiency and strongly suggest that they need kidney.

In fact, their condition is discussed carefully, mainly due to psychological pressure.

Therefore, the doctor in charge will not prescribe kidney pills for such a helper.

Sexual health problems cannot simply be attributed to “kidney deficiency” and “nephropathy and impotence”.
Some unscrupulous traders use people’s misunderstandings to put drug ingredients in kidney tonics, which is very dangerous for patients.

  We do not give kidneys acutely. The key to kidney protection is daily. For the essentials, middle-aged men need to master it.

Regular activities of the waist can make the waist and blood circulation unobstructed, so that the kidney qi can be constantly nourished.

Appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness, active thinking, strengthen bones and bones, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, and thus strengthen kidney qi.

Sex life should be moderate, not reluctant, not indulgent.

Let me give you a small “medicine” in your diet: eat more iron and protein-containing foods such as agaric, jujube, black chicken, etc. when you are tired; you should drink yogurt and hawthorn if you have indigestion;, Sea cucumber, ginseng, black chicken, domestic pigeon, etc.

Do some self-massage activities for the waist, these exercises can be a good health gate, nourishing kidneys.

Thoroughly do more massages to stimulate the feet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan points on the feet are the place where the turbid air is reduced. Frequent massage of the Yongquan points can help to replenish the kidneys, strengthen the body, prevent premature aging, and relieve liver and eyesight.The larynx is centered to promote sleep and appetite.

Adequate sleep is also an important guarantee for restoring energy and vitality. No matter how stressful the work is, there is no more annoyance at home. When you go to sleep, you must rest on time.

  If you do this, stop looking for kidney-reinforcing medicines or health supplements.

Thirty secrets of a woman

Thirty secrets of a woman

Women need to cry and only cry if you can hear it.

  Women especially like bargains.

  Women love shopping, and they think that is the only area they can control in this world.

  Women always ask questions that don’t have the right answer. They want to make you feel guilty.

  Women like to talk, and silence disturbs them.

They need to break the silence with conversation, and there is not even much to say.

  Women need to feel that others are inferior to them.

  Women hate bugs.

When a spider or wasp is seen, even a woman with a strong will needs a man by her side.

  Women cannot keep secrets.

  Women often go to public toilets together, which is a good opportunity for them to chat.

  Women will not refuse to answer any calls.

  Women never understand why men like toys.

Men believe that if women have switches, they no longer need toys.

  Women think that all brands of beer are a taste.

  Usually women have 3 different shampoos in their bathroom.

After they bathed, the bathroom smelled of tropical rainforest.

  Women cannot appreciate the charm of sports programs.

Men seek entertainment from the things that make them escape from reality, and women seek entertainment from the things that remind them of how bad reality is.

  If a man is going out for 7 days, he will bring enough clothes for 5 days.

If a woman is going out for 7 days, she will bring enough clothes for 21 days.

  Woman combs her hair before going to bed.

  Women never make mistakes, and regret is the responsibility of men.

  Women know nothing about cars and even drive themselves.

  The woman’s bathroom is very particular.

  Women like cats.

Men say they like cats, but when women can’t see them, they kick cats.

  Women like to congee on the phone.

A woman lived with her girlfriend for two weeks, and she would call the girlfriend as soon as she returned home, and they would talk for another three hours.

  Women do makeup before doing anything-shopping, watering plants, taking out trash, answering phone calls, reading books, receiving emails . Women don’t want to get an honest answer to this question-“How do I look?

“Oh yeah nothing.

“The meaning of this sentence in a woman’s dictionary is completely different from that in a man’s dictionary.

  All women will say they are overweight, but don’t use this as a substitute.

  Only women know why “guest towels” and “good porcelain” are necessary.

  Faced with a speeding ticket, pouting can save women from violations, but men can be prevented.

  Women don’t really care if men have a sense of humor, and some even think that humor is important.

  Women spend hours putting on makeup before going out, and then they go out and spend more time watching other women.

Men never perceive women watching other men, and women can always perceive men watching other women.   The most embarrassing thing for women is to find another woman wearing the same clothes at a formal party.

Seven ways to raise beautiful eyes _1

Seven ways to raise “beautiful eyes”

Eye care is a very important lesson in women’s beauty.
Puffiness, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are enough to make you look in the mirror for a long time.
  Do n’t think that you do n’t need it now. In fact, the modern working and living environment is very unfavorable to our maintenance. For example, working in an air-conditioned room, facing a computer for a long time, bringing contact lenses and so on.
Our eyes are fragile and must be given special care.
Here are seven eye protection recipes provided by experienced people, let’s enjoy it together!
  1. Don’t “keep your eyes closed”, pay attention to frequent and complete blinking movements. Frequent blinking can reduce the time that the eyeballs are exposed to the air and avoid tear evaporation.
  2. Don’t blow the air conditioner for too long, avoid air flow from the seat, and place tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.
  3, eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits, should also eat more green vegetables, food, fish and eggs.
Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce dry eyes.
  4. Maintain good habits, get enough sleep, and stay up late.
  5. Avoid continuously operating the computer for a long time, pay attention to the rest, usually operate continuously for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes.
Look at the distance or do eye exercises during breaks.
  6. Maintain a good working posture.
Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with your eyes upright or a slight downward gaze, will ease the neck muscles and minimize the area of the eye exposed to the air.
  7. Adjust the distance of the screen.
The recommended distance is 50-70 cm, and the phosphor screen should be 10-20 cm below the eye level, showing a lower viewing angle of 15-20 degrees.
Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refractive power and reduce the chance of eye fatigue.
  If you have less secretion of tears and your eyes are prone to dryness, it is not suitable to use contact lenses in front of a computer. Wear frame glasses.
People wearing contact lenses in front of a computer are also better off using high-permeability varieties.
People over the age of 40 are best equipped with bifocal lenses, or with lower power glasses when typing.
If you have red eyes, burns or foreign body sensations, heavy eyelids, blurry sights, or even eye pain or headache, and you still have no obvious improvement after rest, you need to go to the hospital.

Diet allows elderly friends to run well

Diet allows elderly friends to “run well”

The prevention and treatment of senile constipation should promote appropriate exercise to increase the contractility of abdominal muscles and gastrointestinal smooth muscles. Old people who have been lying in beds for a long time can do abdominal massage as appropriate, and gently push from the left upper abdomen to the left lower abdomen.
Drink plenty of water to stimulate bowel movements and blood circulation.
  Food therapy is especially effective for relieving constipation in the elderly.
Cistanche, American ginseng, American ginseng nourish Qi and nourish blood; walnuts, black sesame, pine nuts, plum and plum are rich in oil and intestines; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam and green vegetables are rich in cellulose; honey and bananas stimulate intestinal peristalsis; radishes and beansRelieving qi and reversing qi are beneficial to laxative.
  Constipation should not refuse fatty foods, eat appropriate oil to moisturize.
When the elderly are like sheep faeces, feces are spherical, with abdominal cramps, bloating, and intestinal spasm constipation.
This kind of constipation should be used for meat, eggs, milk, oil and other laxative laxative, should not eat more cold foods and more cellulose foods, should pay attention to the difference.
Sesame oil, banana, and honey are common laxative foods, but the latter two are not suitable for diabetic patients.
Semi-spicy warm foods such as onions, ginger, garlic, etc. are not suitable for constipation with hot stomach. For constipation for other reasons, eat some food that can produce gas and stimulate bowel movements. Favorable bowel movement.Useless.
Develop a habit of bowel movements once a day, preferably at bedtime.
  Examples of dietary prescriptions commonly used for constipation are as follows: 1.
The pig’s large intestine is about 500 grams, washed and cut into pieces, and simmered slowly. Add 30 grams each of peach kernels and sweet almonds. Put the salt and seasonings in. Add about 500 grams of spinach and cook.
200 grams of sea cucumber, sliced with water, stewed at low heat for eight minutes, add 100 grams of water-fried black fungus, cook, add a small amount of lean meat and seasoning, and then simmer for about 15 minutes.
A soft-shelled turtle is about 500 grams, cut into viscera and cut into pieces. Slow-cook until cooked, 50 grams of Cistanche and cooked ground, wash, wrap in gauze, add appropriate seasoning, and simmer for about 30 minutes. You can eat meat and soup.
20 grams of laver, shredded soup, add MSG, soy sauce, shrimp crust, etc., adjust the taste, add 2 tsp of sesame oil and about 50 grams of leek, drink at dinner.
100 grams of barley, 50 grams of black sesame seeds, soak for half a day and then cook porridge, add honey and drink sooner or later.

Flowery Woman: Liu Ruoying Skin Care TIPS Full Contact


Flowery Woman: Liu Ruoying Skin Care TIPS Full Contact

Each woman looks like a flower with a distinctive personality, blooming in her own flowering period, as Mei Yanfang sang in “Woman Flowers”: Women are like flowers and dreams!

And each flowery woman should also have her own intimate cosmetics, and as the spokesperson for skin care products, they have their own set of skin care tips. Actress: Liu Ruoying Endorsement Cosmetics: Ai Wenli Cosmetics series Current advertising worth: 3 million Liu RuoyingTips: 1. When working is busy, there will be many problems in the eyes. The way to eliminate dark circles is to apply honey and milk around the eyes and massage for a few minutes.

After being fully absorbed, wash with water and then apply eye cream.

If you want to eliminate eye puffiness, apply a warm tea bag to the eyelids for 10 minutes. After cleaning, use a towel to absorb moisture, and then apply eye care products.

  2. Liu Ruoying’s maintenance tips are very strange. She doesn’t spend a lot of money, she loves DIY, and the materials are grapes at her fingertips!

A few days ago, she recorded on ChannelV’s “pop inHouse” program and demonstrated live maintenance recipes on the spot. Using grape skin, meat and seeds to DIY maintenance masks and scrubs, she can make herself beautiful all year round without spending a lot of money.

  Liu Ruoying said that Japanese women are very popular to use grapes to maintain their skin, because grapes have anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle effects, and also bring skin moisturization, making the skin more hydrated and translucent.

She brings the ingredients for homemade grape care products, including grapes, flour, juice machine and compressed facial mask. The method is to remove the grape seeds first, leaving only the grape flesh and grape skin, then use the juice machine to make juice, and then use the compressed facial mask.Ready to use.

  After the grapes are juiced, you can also add extra flour and apply it on the mask.

Liu Ruoying suggested that you do n’t throw away the remaining grape seeds. You can use a juicer to mash them and add them to the cleanser. It has the function of scrub.

  3, Liu Ruoying has been staying in the mainland for years to shoot movies, staying up late is a common thing, so she is very concerned about maintenance, she is often vegetarian, because of good results, often share her health tips with friends.

  Liu Ruoying especially recommends simple life foods. One is an energy soup made with stone lotus, liver protection enzymes and other materials, which is especially suitable for people who stay up late. The other is health milk, which is made with soy beans, grain rice, sweet potatoes and other materialsInto.

  Kose TIPS: Kose has always adopted the concept of “blending intellectual and sensibility to create unique beauty value and culture”. In order to further satisfy the Chinese women ‘s pursuit of beauty, in March 2000, it launched a grand tailor-made for the Chinese market.Customized department store exclusive brand —- (Ai Wenli).

  Following Noble, Pure Whitening, and Natural Nutrition series, in September 2004, another star product of its affiliation, Yaojing Water, was launched.

The group took this as an opportunity to use Liu Ruoying, a famous artist known for her intellectual talents, as her new image spokesperson.

  In choosing Liu Ruoying’s endorsement, in addition to her super popularity, the more important thing is that the intellectual beauty she radiates is the true portrayal of the brand image.