Do men all over the world need kidney?

Do men all over the world need kidney?

I often see such TV pictures: a middle-aged man frowning and saying “No way”, “No way”, and then a kidney remedy came out. The voice said, how good is the kidney remedy.

If you change channels and another brand of kidney remedy, a woman is saying, “He’s good, I’m fine.” This overwhelming advertisement seems to tell people: men in the world should replenish kidneys, “Ten people are nine.””Fatigue is kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency is to nourish the kidneys”. Kidney deficiency is not good sexual function. Taking kidney-reinforcing drugs can nourish the kidneys and impotence.

Therefore, many people are rushing to buy kidney medicine.

  Does anyone need a kidney?

Do I have to have kidney tonic in middle age?

  The concept of kidney explained by Chinese medicine is mainly from the perspective of function, covering the human body’s reproductive, urinary, nerve, bone and other tissues and organs, which regulate the human body’s function and provide “vitality” and “motivation” for life activities.effect.

“Deficiency” is mainly the result of poor function and nutritional deficiencies. Kidney deficiency can show kidney-related dysfunction, certain memory loss, low sexual function, easy fractures, anemia, inability to hold back urine, weak legs and so on.

These are the common symptoms of middle-aged people, but they cannot be generalized, thinking that the above symptoms must be kidney deficiency.

  Kidney deficiency is classified into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. Clinically, yin deficiency is more common than yang deficiency.

The manifestations of kidney yang deficiency are pale or dark, cold waist and knees, cold limbs, tiredness, and weakness; men with impotence, premature ejaculation, and loss of libido; they do not form or frequent urination, long, nocturnal urine, and pale tongue and white fur.
The manifestations of kidney yin deficiency are redness, tenderness and pain in waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, loosening of teeth; men’s spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation; insomnia, forgetfulness, dryness of the oropharynx, irritability, sweating during movement, redness in the afternoon, weight loss, Less yellow urine, red tongue with little or no moss.

Kidney yin and yang control the whole body’s yin and yang, and the change and balance of kidney yin and yang affect the dynamic balance of yin and yang of the five internal organs.

  Kidney deficiency is a manifestation of human aging. Aged kidney deficiency is an irresistible physiological process caused by aging. It is called physiological kidney deficiency, and middle-aged people with kidney deficiency symptoms are a kind of premature aging, called pathological kidney deficiency.

For middle-aged friends, if you want to change the senescence before you are old, you should nourish the kidney in time and improve the symptoms of senility due to kidney deficiency.

  Some people think that low back pain is kidney deficiency.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Low back pain is not necessarily kidney deficiency. It is easy to delay the condition by treating kidney back pain only with kidney tonic.

Some chronic low back pains are common in the clinic, such as chronic low back muscle strain, disc degeneration and other low back pain caused by protrusion. Treatment with kidney and aphrodisiac drugs is sometimes effective.

But not all low back pain is related to kidney deficiency.

Most kidney tonic medicines are warm in nature, and patients with damp fever such as lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar suppurative infection, ankylosing spondylitis, etc., will worsen the condition if taken.

Low back pain is only a symptom. In addition to the distortion of low back bones and joints, muscles and other tissues can cause low back pain, visceral diseases near the waist can also be caused.

  Some people blindly kidney, in fact, there are many misunderstandings.

Many people in life do not need kidney, fatigue, and age are not the standard to limit kidney.

If people who do not need kidney supplements have taken kidney supplements, they will not only be unable to supplement nutrients, but will also increase the burden of detoxification on the organs. Some people think that “people who have a bad spleen and stomach should also have kidney supplements.””Three points of poison”, the degree of damage to kidney-poor medicine for people with bad spleen and stomach, it is necessary to replenish, the body not only can not absorb, but there will be controversy; some middle-aged people believe that “sexual dysfunction is kidney deficiency”, which is also incorrectFrom the viewpoint, sexual health problems cannot be simply reduced to “kidney deficiency” and “reinforcing the kidneys and impotence”.

  Clinically, many middle-aged people find out how to solve the problem of sexual insufficiency and strongly suggest that they need kidney.

In fact, their condition is discussed carefully, mainly due to psychological pressure.

Therefore, the doctor in charge will not prescribe kidney pills for such a helper.

Sexual health problems cannot simply be attributed to “kidney deficiency” and “nephropathy and impotence”.
Some unscrupulous traders use people’s misunderstandings to put drug ingredients in kidney tonics, which is very dangerous for patients.

  We do not give kidneys acutely. The key to kidney protection is daily. For the essentials, middle-aged men need to master it.

Regular activities of the waist can make the waist and blood circulation unobstructed, so that the kidney qi can be constantly nourished.

Appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness, active thinking, strengthen bones and bones, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, and thus strengthen kidney qi.

Sex life should be moderate, not reluctant, not indulgent.

Let me give you a small “medicine” in your diet: eat more iron and protein-containing foods such as agaric, jujube, black chicken, etc. when you are tired; you should drink yogurt and hawthorn if you have indigestion;, Sea cucumber, ginseng, black chicken, domestic pigeon, etc.

Do some self-massage activities for the waist, these exercises can be a good health gate, nourishing kidneys.

Thoroughly do more massages to stimulate the feet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan points on the feet are the place where the turbid air is reduced. Frequent massage of the Yongquan points can help to replenish the kidneys, strengthen the body, prevent premature aging, and relieve liver and eyesight.The larynx is centered to promote sleep and appetite.

Adequate sleep is also an important guarantee for restoring energy and vitality. No matter how stressful the work is, there is no more annoyance at home. When you go to sleep, you must rest on time.

  If you do this, stop looking for kidney-reinforcing medicines or health supplements.