“I go!nurse?Where’s the nurse?This guy must have taken the wrong medicine,Why are you so epileptic??”Zhang Qingtan made a gesture to cover Liu Guofeng’s head,The two are in a mess。

Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Suddenly I thought I might be thinking too much。
Even if you are a martial artist,What about Xiaozhi’s help?With the strength of a single country in Myanmar,And the five permanent members are not at the same level,Strength is not the same,The sky is falling and there is a big man against it,Foreign affairs,to be honest,It’s really not my turn to worry about it。
If needed in the future,Whether it is for China,It’s enough to contribute to all mankind,Other things,It’s useless to think more。
Once you understand this truth,Lu Menglin’s mood relaxed a little,I can’t help but want to go home。
Missing relatives and friends at home,Miss Su Xuehen’s innocence and cuteness,Miss Kim So Yeon’s hot and bold,Miss too much。For a time,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly,Smiled。
“report,Mr. Lu,Liu Changguan,Zhang Changguan!General Will invites you over。”at this time,A soldier’s voice came outside the door said。
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Frame
Lu Menglin and his party,The soldiers who passed the order came to the barracks。
This military camp is stationed in the very center of the city,Central plaza for citizens to walk,It should represent peace and tranquility,But because of this abrupt military camp,And the soldiers with live ammunition,And it seems to be a bit more murderous。
The source of the red mist has been cleared,Even the density of the red mist in the city has weakened a lot。This is for ordinary people who come to the red zone,Undoubtedly a safer news,But for the mutant,It is equivalent to losing the living environment,Makes them very anxious。
This unstable factor spread quickly,But the mutants in the city are unexpectedly silent,They seem to be waiting,Waiting for an opportunity for an outbreak,The overall atmosphere in the city at the moment,Like the peace before the storm。
In front is the temporary combat headquarters,Lu Menglin and Liu Guofeng,Zhang Qingtan is walking side by side,I saw Carlo standing at the front of the command department,Seeing three people come together,A wry smile suddenly appeared on his face。
“General Will is inside,go in!”Carlo smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin nodded at him,Strode into the headquarters。
Glance over,Lu Menglin was stunned immediately,The whole person stayed。
In a daze like him,And Liu Guofeng and Zhang Qingtan,Both of them have an expression of seeing a ghost。
Because in front of the command’s combat desktop,Except for General Will,There are two more people standing beside him。