“Hey-hey,Need not,Isn’t this nothing??”

“correct,Guan Da Ge,Cui Yongan?
Why didn’t I see him??”
For Cui Yongan,Li Hui Feng is also very firm。
The other party learned that he taught the very fast,Otherwise, Cui Yongan can’t escape so fast.。
“That kid is meditation?,Is the way you teach,Some of the demon recently。”
“It is not to say that he has reached a certain realm.,Can also be the same as those people。”
About this, let Li Hui also bitterly smiled.。
He didn’t think that Cui Yongan really would work hard.。
Originally, he also said.,But it can’t be made,Li Hui’s own heart has no bottom.。
His success,That’s because I have already had a feeling。
“Guan Da Ge,This is what I said.,This is like this。”
Originally Guanyun is not believed,But Li Hui Feng, this exit,He is a tribute to half.。
“What the meditation you said,Reach a certain realm,I really have to break through,Can even be the same as those who hold lightning?
Can also have some specific functions?”
“Um,In theory, this is theoretical., After all, I have succeeded.。”
Say,Li Hui’s hands are also lightning flashing,This scene made Guan Yun shocked。
He never thought that Li Hui Feng passed that it would be so subtle。
“Lee brother,It seems that I have time to have time.。”
“Forehead,Guan Da Ge,This is just right.,Don’t excessively strive,Over-demand, maybe。”
Guan Yun laughs:“I just said,Be happy in the Spring Festival,Are you ready to stay here??”
Listen to the relationship between Guanyun,Li Hui Rong stunned。
He only took care of cultivation.,I forgot the Spring Festival.。
“Guan Da Ge,Then I may have to go back.,After all, there is still a lot of things to handle.,I have forgotten that time is so fast.。”
“That line,Let’s take a rest for a few days.,By the way, I also take you everywhere.。”
Heard this,Li Hui Feng did not refuse。
Next day,He follows Guan Yun is also to play the mountain everywhere.。
When he returned to China again,The change in this time has made him a little surprised.。
At the same time, he is also curious for so long.,I have some of my little friends, no one contacts him.。
This makes him feel the feeling of being lost.。