“What to do with our boss?”

“Underlying a book,Another matter,I don’t tell you.,I have to see your boss in person.,Otherwise, our boss will be angry.。”
“We have been angry with our boss,That is not letting me come over the door.,Maybe take people directly to cut with you.。”
I heard the scorpion came over.,The two younger brother at the door are also stunned.,At the same time, the attitude is also not very good.。
“You are afraid that you are not dead.?
I don’t know the status of the blood wolf to help here.?”
“Hey-hey,knowledge,Just because I know,Take me to find your boss,Otherwise I can go。”
When the scorpion said this,It also looked at the four weeks.,In order to avoid it for a while,I really have to get up to the other side and have a place.。
Nie Yangcai is drinking a small wine,Then two women next to themselves。
He is a very careful,Very cautious person。
Blood wolf helps can have now in the city,Cautiously cautiously with him, but there is an unparalleled relationship。
It is because he is careful,So he didn’t come over there.,Because I know him,Once he wants to do anyone,That is to prove that the other party is basically no winning。
And he is also a convenience for the little forces around him.,Who wants to make great power in his site,Then the next time is his time to cut leeks.。
Guarantee the clean net。
A few days ago, I came to a group of people to stand here.,He is also no nonsense,Directly,Let the other party know difficult。
If the other party still does not know,He doesn’t mind, it is directly to go to the county.。
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-eight chapters shocked Nie Yang
“What is the life of the people in the county??”
Nie Yang is gently aiming at the woman standing at the door.,Greedy meaning,Overflow。
“Nothing big movement,Just inquire about your things everywhere,There is also your location,There is also the owner of the boss who is guarded.。”
“that’s it?
They have no unacclaimers to prepare for revenge?”
I heard the other party’s report,He has something to do in the city of the county.。
According to the reason, people in the county in the county should belong to that kind of not very brain.,Pay attention to the existence of brothers who are directly rushing directly.!He is even ready,The other party wants to tangle people,He has a direct alarm to prepare a word.。
Results The other party does not move the hand,Just investigation,This makes him feel unique。
“Then who you know??”
“knowledge,And it is yesterday,They still have someone to retreat.,It seems that I don’t want to follow the boss.。”
“Hahaha, this?
I still want to make it right with us.?
This is simply going out, don’t bring your brain.?”
Say,He also continues to lying down,Then let two beautiful women continue to serve him。
Two young women,One mouth contains ice cubes,A warm water,He studied new gameplay,Ice fire two days。
“Boss,Nothing,I went first.。”
Seeing the appearance of Nie Yang,Women at the door can’t see it.。
After all, she is also a woman.,Some things don’t want to help,But people have to bow under the roof。
“Row,Continue to monitor them,If they dare to make a hand,Let us pick up our people,If you don’t work, you will withdraw our people directly.,Then the alarm processing。”
Say this,Nie Yang closed his eyes,Then waving a waving to let each other。