“Can you try it?,But they must accept a long time review,Can they do??”

“Sure,It’s all special training.,I need you to do it to help pull a line.。”
“Is the other two pairs of Double Mountain??”
“Currently see very safe,And we have successfully replaced atoms,Now they are also sent to Japan training.。”
“Really admire,This way they can play a huge role.!Congratulations to Mountain Principal!”
“This also needs you to help.。”
“I will try my best.,Just now I don’t know where Zheng Yao first is.,Except him, I don’t know who I am.,But I will find a way to find him.。”
“Ha ha,Long pool,I have helped you think about it.,Do you know that Zheng Yao first their eight big gold??”
“of course I know,Zheng Yao is the old six。”
“We grab their old seven Wu Tianbao,I think he should know the fall of Zheng Yao first.。”
“You said that you caught Wu Tianbao!How to catch?”
“It’s all the credit of Jun Xiu,,Now people are detained in the Well Mansion,Do you want to see it??”
“Eight big king just saw the old four Xu Baichuan,Zheng Yao also has the old eight sea,This old seven has never seen it.,You say he knows that Zheng Yao’s first drop,Do he give it to us??”
“not yet,However, the pride of the well said that he quickly collapsed.,Should soon explain it.。”
“Great,The big name Ding’s eight major gold just did not become a prisoner in front of our big Japanese Emperor.!”
Rui Rui recognizes some unusual information from Mountain Yugui’s micro-end,They are specially arranged to see Wu Tianbao’s,Do you want to test?Then why do they have to test!
Rui Rui or the first time to come to the Well Mansion,The address is a Japanese two-story building in Hengkou Tianzhu Road Food Foundation,Door of the building,Use a bamboo pole to pick one more than three feet long、Two-feet wide rectangular flag,Embroidered above“Well”Four black words,The door is open and there is no guard。
“Here is the Well Manuscript.?In the well, you are really a sentimental guy.。”Rui Rui observed the environment around the lower?
“Let it go,I want to be in the well, the big priest has been waiting.。”
Mountain Yurui and Qi Rui directly entered the Well Mansion?Here, people enter and exit see that Mountain Yurui is respectful.。
Well, Junxiu wearing wood, from the inside.?First polite and Hishang Yugui hit greeted,Then reach out the arms and shout:“Long pool!”
“Well!”Rui Rui also opened his arms and his hug?
“old classmate!Although it is still in a city but see you, it is so difficult.!”
“The morality is not to see,If you want to see, you can see your ability.?Hahaha……”
“Hahaha?Long Pool Jun is so busy, how can I bother?!”Junxiu also smiled in the well,
“Well,We have something to ask this time.。”Mountain Yurui said,
“Mountain President is polite?What is wrong? Although the command is。”
“I heard that you caught the old seven Wu Tianbao of the Eight Dafa.?I have a long time to see him.,Ask him a few questions。”
“Oh!no problem,But still take a break, drink a cup, I will go again.。”Jun Xiu said with a long way to pull a long history:“Long pool,Come!I invite you to drink tea.,Just I have some things to discuss with you?。”
“Oh!Then I am welcome.。”
In the well, Jun Xiu personally showed the tea culture for a long history and mountains Yulai bubble a pot of clear tea.?Everyone tasted a bit,Jun Xiu asked in the well:“Long pool?You can hear the gun war events occurred in Futong Lane, France in the first two days.?”
“of course I know,I heard that someone saved the family.。”
“good?There is only one man and one female who saved them.,That woman killed me six hands?The man killed me four?After that, it is very calm.。”
“Is there anyone in the well??”Qi Rui?
“You can definitely be the underground party。”Well Junxiu said with a tea,But the eyes are always staring at Longchijun。
Rui Rui has always looked at the well,His micro-ending and body movements do not let go,Ask:“Oh!It turned out to be a common party,What is the clue??”