Charged forward

  Recently, General Secretary of Xi Jinping in Yunnan came to Zhongzhai Moram Village, Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City, and shared the people’s happiness with the people of the villagers. Si Mora, 佤 佤意 is "Happy place".

Xi Jinping said that under everyone’s efforts, you have achieved poverty alleviation and work hard to get into the new development goals.

After building a well-off society, we must fully promote the revitalization of rural villages, further solve problems such as urban and rural development, develop rural industries, revitalize the rural economy, and increasing income, improve people’s livelihood, so that the happiness of the people is more happy! In 2020, it is also a year of decentralization. The charge number has already been blown.

We have to get the fine one, the more difficult, the more difficult it is, and the short board is added to some, and the foundation will be rely on some. Resolutely win the poverty of the poverty, and realize all the rural poor people under the current standard, all the poverty poverty, poor counties Halt.

  The charge will finally win the poverty attack, to abide by the initiative, and take the mission.

Get rid of poverty and carry the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The historical curtain that has been finally won, and we have to use the "unforgettable, remember to remember the mission" theme’s penetration infection, biting the goal of struggle, and condense the pound of thousands of horses, and then The distant road will be reached, and the steep peak will eventually be conquered. History will only care about the firm, the hard work, the fight, and will not wait for hesitative, slack, afraid.

Since the 18th National Congress, 2.8 million poverty alleviation, the first secretary went to the poverty poverty battlefield, rushing in the forefront, keeping the final, fought, touches the crawling, and condensed the battle with wisdom and sweat .

Being courageously, good at acting as a solemn commitment to the people, to the people.

  The charge will finally win the poverty attack, try to sprint, a drum. This is the moment of biting the teeth, but also the moment of condensing strength, more than spelling. The more, the more you have to stick to the channel, the bullse is disappeared. At this moment, where there is the hardest "hard bones", there is the strongest responsibility to take and the hottest poverty poverty, as long as there is a one or even a person does not get poverty, we have to anchor the target does not relax , Not winning the whole victory. It is necessary to tilt in the deep poverty-stricken area in the special industries, the relocation, ecological poverty alleviation, financial poverty alleviation, social help, cadres and talents, etc., ensuring that these areas and the people of the country have entered a comprehensive well-off society.

It is necessary to promote transformation and upgrading and enhance industrial capacity, strengthen agricultural science and technology in accurate poverty alleviation, and actively explore the effective way of science and technology poverty alleviation. The charge will finally win the poverty attack, ask truth, and true performance. General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized that "ensuring the pragmatic work of poverty alleviation, the poverty reduction process is solid, and the result is true", and pointed out "taken out the poor, really getting poverty".

Deversion of poverty, cleaning the battlefield, statistical results, need real and accurate, can not be done, and can not be made by extreme techniques. On January 7 this year, Jiangsu Province announced that the gap has reached more than%, there are still 6 households, and 17 people have not poverty.

The rest should be achieved by helping to achieve continuous poverty intensity, rather than the bumbles.

This kind of truth from seeking is a sharp point. It is tone to the poor, it is trivial, it is really hidden, and the charge will make up the poor to win the poverty and strive. To be responsible to the people, responsible for history.

  Only struggle to all, not will be lost.

Let us won the harvest with sweat in the decline, and launched the final training to eliminate the absolute poverty to eliminate the absolute poverty to eliminate the absolute poverty. (Cai Enze).