Chengdu Qingbaijiang: 1326 old party members voluntary donation support epidemic prevention and control

Since the epidemic of the neighborhood, the old revolution, old cadres, and old party members in the Chengdu Qingbaijiang District have actively responded to calls, aggregates, and raises the rate, and raise their temperament. At the same time in the physical and investment of epidemic prevention and control, actively donate to support epidemic prevention and control work, stayMany touching moments have been moved.

The initial heart is "rope" "Fang" to the 92-year-old 离 干 部 部 万 万 元 非 无 无 无 名 名 名 元 元 元……… 名…….

Countless old revolutions are the establishment, construction and development of New China, and they don’t come to famous, not to return, silently sticking.

Fang Yixi is the retired cadre of the big bending party branch of the Qingbaijiang District, and now has been 92 years old."I was the party I entered on February 24, 1949, and when I was particularly clear if I was paying attention to the party.

This old party member with a 71-year-old party, a gun, and his backpack has passed away. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we will participate in the education. The elderly life of the teacher from the teacher is extremely simple. The home exhibition is a few decades of vintage furniture; hanging in the wardrobe has been worn in the clothes of ten years; the table is putting a pickled pickled pickled vegetables.

Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the first thing he got up every day is to open the TV to understand the changes of the epidemic. He also records various data in detail, which is convenient to perform comparison analysis. After being known as the party’s volunteering, the party’s volunteering, voluntary contributions and prevention and control work, the Fang Man took the initiative to contact Party organization, indicating that it is necessary to donate 10,000 yuan. Fang said: "I will always remember the vow when I enter the party, we have to worry about the party!" Fang Zhi’s large bending party branch in the Qingbaijiang District of the rope, founded in 1986, existing three other than him Comrades from the old age, they are the longest and average party foreigners in the whole district.

Now Wei Yushan, Du Wei, Zhang Pei and other three old comrades are not very good, but they learned that the Central Committee on Party Members voluntarily donate, they all entrusted their children to transfer their donations to party organizations, expressing support for epidemic Prevention and control work Red sincerity.

The mission is full of "Wu", Wu Li Shou donated 5,000 yuan, "I have embarked on this road, no matter what difficulty and frustration, I will have no remedontism, no regrets." Wu Li Shou, the old party member of the Qingbaijiang District Development, etc. Say, it has always been doing this. After 18 years of retirement, he has been more than 20 million yuan to the northwest, the 5 county education bureaus, 6 colleges, and the mainland to facilitate the education bureau of 24 primary and secondary schools, 6 universities and mainland China. The total trip has exceeded 20,000 kilometers.

The "Basic Chinese Choice" and other readers suitable for children in ethnic areas. During this epidemic, he was not idle.

This is true for revitalizing national education, is also true for victory of neoguanpneumitis.

In order to express the support of epidemic prevention and control, on February 8, he took the initiative to pay 3,000 yuan to the party, and used poetry, he wrote, "all the people work together, and rule the guard against the Kwak.

I proposes to do good, and I have a décor. "

In fact, Wu Lao’s lover is hospitalized for a long time, so that this is not a lot of family life to see the elbow.

However, after the party’s central government issued a call, March 3, Wu Lishu decided to donate 2,000 yuan again, after the staff learned, "Wu Lao, you have already donated, your family is still sick, also You need to use money, you will no longer donate.

"He said," I can’t make anything in my difficulties, I will overcome it.

There is difficulties in the country, we have to work together, and it is difficult to share.

"Watching each other," building "true love – Hu Xianjian clinical bed responded to the donation call on Yao Village Guangming Village Party always" Hands "Hui Xianjian, yet, there is no fine taste, the family, the year The fun is driven by a strong sense of responsibility. The first time returned to the village and participated in the epidemic prevention.

Watching helps "building" true love, in addition to active assistance of the village support "two committees" to investigate and investigate, Hu Xianjian also uses his own experience, and launches 469 households of the cooperative to hold "Love Ball Action", coordinating and helping Village farming. The owner successfully sold more than 30,000 pounds and leads the party members’ volunteer team to send eggs 500 pounds for the nursing home of Qingquan Town.

On February 28, Hu Huanjian burst into a sudden illness was continuously fought, and he lived in the hospital. He always missed the epidemic prevention work, and he responded to the central call.

Belief for expensive "thank you" accompanied by the old companion to complete the donation. Xie Baizu is the old director of the Qingbaijiang District Finance Bureau. It has been 80 years old, and the cancer, the awareness is blurred, and it cannot be walking.

His lover learned that the party committee called on donations, came to the unit immediately, metabolic donations. The staff said to her: "Thank you old sick sales, it is recommended not to donate.

"But Xie Lai said:" I have been with the old Xie Feng to go for a few decades, I understand him! " I used to tell me, as long as there is a breath, I have to go with the party. The organization called voluntarily donate, I would help him complete this wish, please organize certain acceptance, don’t let him leave regret. "Concentric Immunity, the old party members of the party’s walking court" are not waiting, can’t wait! I am going to the community, I will donate the community first.

The Party Central Committee called, this matter can be waispeted! "The new crown pneumonia epidemic, the old judge who still winds and fires Hu Hu Hu Hui years after the severe situation of the epidemic, I am very anxious, I want to do something for the epidemic prevention and control. He usually actively cooperates with the community epidemic prevention work, take the lead to do home epidemic prevention Actively persuade friends and relatives to comply with epidemic prevention requirements. At the same time, he also pays attention to news every day to understand the prevention and control of the national epidemic.

After being learned from the Parties Central Committee, he found the community party organization in the first time to express his mind.

The sea is closed in the sea, and it is concentric immortal energy. When the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Jiang Haizhao, who is carrying out the granddaughter in the Qingbaijiang District Court of Foreign New Year, and timely call the staff, indicating that the donation will be given to the organization through WeChat. He said, "I have a big age, party foreigner, should take the initiative to respond to the call of the Party Central Committee, and it is also to give young comrades to make a table rate." The Heart of the Boxing, the firwork, the family, Huaiji.

Up to now, the Qingbaijiang District has received voluntary contributions from 1326 old party members. The old comrades use the most elephant action to express their loyalty to the party, love the family’s love, and the confidence of victory of the epidemic.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).