25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day

25 small ways to ensure you don’t get sleepy in a day


Exercise for 5 minutes after getting up to recharge your body and double your calories.

Many people mistakenly believe that the morning exercise must climb up at five o’clock and run for several kilometers, which is actually small and unrealistic.

You only need to spend 5 minutes doing push-ups and jumping exercises to increase your heart rate and achieve the desired effect; or punch 100 times in the mirror and feel the process of energy accumulation.


hzh{display:none;}  2.If you develop a habit of drinking water, you will feel debilitated from time to time.

Get up early in the morning to drink a glass of water, do some internal cleansing, and add some “grease” to your internal organs. Drink at least one liter of water a day, but it’s not good.


Pay attention to breakfast. Some studies in the United States have found that people who do not eat breakfast have a high height-to-weight ratio (BMI), which means that they are overweight, and they also like to sleepy and sluggish.
The most nutritious and healthy Western breakfast is: two slices of whole wheat bread.

A piece of smoked salmon and a tomato.

Whole wheat bread is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Tomato’s lycopene is good for bone growth and health, and it is good for the prevention of prostate disease. Salmon’s rich omega-3 fatty acids and protein are more beneficial to the body.


At 10 o’clock, there is no longer a good breakfast. At 10:30 in the morning, the glycogen stored the day before is almost gone.

If you want to remain charged for the rest of the day, you must add extra meals.

A piece of chocolate, or an energy bar.

A few biscuits, in addition to supplementing energy, can also effectively prevent overeating at lunch.


After drinking coffee in the afternoon for lunch, the body’s sleep factors (a molecule that can trigger sleep) gradually increase, and it is the easiest time to get sleepy. At this time, drinking a small cup of coffee works best.

Of course drinking tea is fine, as you like!

Don’t forget not to drink coffee for 4 hours before going to bed, lest you be too excited to fall asleep.


More talk and more comfort can also regulate weakness.

A study in the Netherlands shows that you are introverted at work.

Shy people are more likely to feel tired, while extroverts are more energetic. This is because people who talk to others are good at finding fun and worrying about themselves.

When stress and unlucky things are spoken out, you will not feel tired and boring. On the contrary, you like to be quiet.


People who don’t like to socialize lack such a channel to relieve stress. For a long time, they must feel overwhelmed.


Sitting and sitting poorly, walking, kicking, tugging, shrugging your belly, these are usually signs that your energy is drained.

Sitting in the office is July hours. If you can’t maintain the correct posture, you will feel more tired.

Regardless of whether you are standing or sitting, you should properly abdomen and waist, relax your shoulders, and have a slightly slender neck.


Zhang Chi encountered a difficult problem in his work and couldn’t solve it for a while. It was better to take a break, such as pouring a cup of tea, changing his brain, and then doing it.

When you are too tired to breathe, take a deep breath (count 3 times), and then exhale (count 6 times); or go through sports magazines, browse entertainment gossip online, find someone to chat with, maybe inspirationCame inadvertently.


Get up and answer the phone, stand and call and take the opportunity to stretch and stretch your bones, while breathing deeply, so that the cardiovascular blood flows into the brain.
This simple change keeps you paired up for hours.

Singing while bathing Singing loudly in the shower promotes the body’s release of endorphins, thereby creating a feeling of joy and happiness and reducing stress.

When you are in a bad mood, you have to sing it. As for whether it sounds good or not, you do n’t have to tune it. You care about it!


Make optimistic friends optimistic.

Enthusiastic friends or colleagues are loved, and their positive emotions can always infect people around them.

Always associate with bright and talented people, but also with those who are passionate and motivated; and be pessimistic.

People who like disappointment stay together for 30 minutes, and your energy will be replaced indirectly12.

Big things become small and you can’t eat fat!

Don’t always think about finishing a big project all at once, and then you will get tired down.

May wish to disassemble the large project into several small projects, do the same, and take a break from time to time, so that not only maintain physical strength, but also improve work efficiency, and finally continue to speed up the work progress.


Do you notice that men with a “back-score” type often suffer from special treatments next to the exercise. In this case, the strong abutment makes your work easier than others and does not feel too tired.

The most effective way to exercise the tip is to use a paddler. Pay attention to the correct posture; lay the feet flat, align slightly, and the sculls stop just on the ramp.


Meditate in the morning with sleepy eyes and loose eyes. Let’s not get up quickly, sit comfortably in bed, straighten your back, close your eyes, quickly exhale and inhale with your nose, and your mouth slightly closed.

(This skull exercise is exactly like pulling a bellows, quickly and mechanically) 15.

Exercise every day, no matter how busy you are, stick to exercise, or run or step or swim.

If you are too confident in your physical strength, thinking that youth is the capital, it will not fall down so easily, someone may rush to you.


A nap of about 20
minutes and about 20 minutes is the most ideal, it is actually no different from an hour of nap.

An hour is a bit long for most people, sleeping too heavily and may not sleep well at night.


Iron supplementation If your body’s iron storage is too low, the body cannot make hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood, and people will easily feel tired.

The best way to supplement iron is through diet and food therapy: iron-rich and fever-prone animals with liver.

Kidney; followed by lean meat.




Shrimp and beans.

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Eat more fiber foods while driving. Men rarely eat snacks. You can put peanuts and raisins in the car. These things contain a lot of potassium. Your body needs potassium to convert sugar in the blood into energy. Nuts are also good, it replaces carbonic acid.Magnesium, lack of magnesium carbonate causes the body to produce a large amount of lactic acid, and lactic acid easily makes people feel tired.


Aromatherapy put some spices at home, especially rosemary.

Peppermint and ginger can refresh the brain, enhance memory, and treat headaches and migraines.

Watch more comedies and laugh, ten years less.

Laughing exercises your facial muscles and changes your facial circulation to increase your concentration.

A study recently released by British scientists shows that although happiness does not retain youth as the saying goes, those who maintain a happy mood every day are indeed healthier and suffer from cardiovascular disease.
Risk of Diabetes Plasma.

  twenty one

The refreshing effect of going to bed 1 hour earlier and sleeping for 60 minutes is equivalent to drinking two cups of coffee.

This means you go to bed an hour early every day, instead of trying to sleep late on the weekend.

Otherwise, the circadian clock will be disturbed and always feel dizzy.

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Playing games with the sun University of Massachusetts research shows that anger and hostility are more intense in winter and less in summer.
Sun exposure increases the content of serotonin in the brain, improves mood, and recharges the body.

Don’t prejudice all business trips or travel opportunities where you can bask in the sun.

  twenty three.

Alcohol control makes you sleepy, but drinking before going to bed will affect your sleep due to excitement. Although your eyes are closed, your eyes keep turning.

You have to keep in mind that you don’t drink two hours before bedtime, and you can only drink a maximum of one or two glasses for dinner.

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Adjusting the fitness time A study found that those fitness people go to work after work, feel sour, and go home to take a bath and sleep well. It ‘s not unusual that they get up after getting up. Scholars at the University of Chicago believe that exercise at night can increaseThe level of XXXXX, which is essential for energy metabolism.

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Sleeping on the sofa If you quarrel with your lover and you have to sleep on the sofa, you don’t need to feel guilty or anything.

Did you know that occasionally sleeping on the sofa is wonderful for treating insomnia!

Many people say that insomnia is related to their own bedroom. A survey in the United States found that 72% of men slept well on the sofa, and only 27% said they could sleep next to their wife or girlfriend.