First226chapter Who to worship before making the armor?
Fang Niannian really brought back the dragon silk and ice pattern leather that I wish Minglang needed,Have such a capable assistant,Zhu Minglang wants to give her some salary。
Dragon silk and ice grain leather are not very rare items,But you have to buy those that meet Zhu Minglang’s current casting needs,You need to spend a lot of time searching in the market,The way to save a little time is to post rewards directly,This often costs several times the original price。
Can be found in such a short time,Not easy!
Complete materials,The blueprints are so memorized,The rest is to start!
This armor suits the stove、Forging table requirements are not very high,I wish Minglang just find a casting room。
Just do it,Zhu Minglang looked around for Mr. Koi first。
Mr. Koi is the mascot of Zhumen,When the general elders do what god armor and saint clothing,I will invite it over。
Even though Zhu Minglang is a great man、Tao Fa、Human youth,Do not believe in those ignorant metaphysics,But I thought that the materials are so expensive,I think it would be much better to ask Mr. Koi to sit by。
Find a circle,I didn’t see Mr. Koi。
This makes Zhu Minglang a little bit difficult,Isn’t it taken away by the back chef??