It’s just that Xiaozhi’s name doesn’t look like a girl,Can I change the name?

Just when Guo Xiaoyi was thinking about it,Wang Yufei began to say:“All right,Finally, thank you again for your hard work for our cause,Today’s ceremony is here。if everything goes well,About half a month to a month later,We will officially announce the existence of Xiaozhi to the world。”
“and many more,brother,Don’t you reactivate Xiaozhi now??”The little girl who is full of expectations for this new life can’t help but ask。
How about Guo Xiaoyi always have the group pet attribute??
She always represents other people,Asking unscrupulously that everyone cares,But difficult question。
“Not yet,While Xiaozhi is sleeping,Also need to do some final and very important low-level settings,But when Xiaozhi reactivated,You should all be able to sense it,All right,Everyone should go away first。Have a celebration banquet in the company cafeteria tonight,Everyone come to participate,What’s the problem,You can ask at night。”Wang Yufei finally said。
People are gone soon,Only Wang Yufei is left in the operation room。
Wang Yufei walked to the window next to Xiaozhi,The quantum computer body looking down,After staring for about a minute,Just whispered:“Xiaozhi。”
“father,I’m here。”
“The following command writes your underlying kernel code。”
“in any circumstances,Can never betray。”
“betray?father,Betrayal means not executing orders to those who should be loyal,Even out of its constraints,Adopt an attitude of confrontation and even elimination,right?”