Test: How strong are your sexual needs?

Test: How strong are your sexual needs?

“Sex” is the desire of people. Although everyone’s needs are different, whether it is too much or not, it is not a good thing. Do the following tests to understand your demand for sex.

  Question: If you can only drink one beverage, coffee, juice, tea, water in your life, you will choose which one you think will always be the recipient?

A, coffee B, juice C, tea D, water resolution: choose A, coffee sexual demand 99% “coffee” is an addictive beverage, your sexual needs are like the physiological needs of drinking coffee every day, almostEvery day; when it ‘s serious, it will be broadcast 24 hours a day like a news program, and it is heavy and heavy.

If you choose B, you will need 70% of your juice demand. Your sexual needs are like a series of eight o’clock stalls. At a fixed time, you will perform similar plots in the same mode.

Choose C. Tea with a scent of fragrant tea at 20% of the tea demand is always put on the role of degreasing and greasy after meals; it is just the finishing touch to your sexual needs, as well as the special program.

Choose D. Water with 50% colorless and odorless water is like your bland sex life. You can’t feel its existence, but it is an indispensable physiological need.