This way, the skin will become more and more oily!


This way, the skin will become more and more oily!

There are many reasons for oily skin. It may be due to the use of skin care products that are too oily, it may be oily skin itself, or it may be caused by washing the face too alternately . but no matter what the reason, you should use the correct method for oil controlOtherwise, the skin becomes more controlled!

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 1: Oil control does not rehydrate Many people with oily skin are afraid of stickiness, so they often do not apply lotion after cleaning.

This is a very wrong method. If you don’t use toners and lotions, the skin will lose moisture.

Therefore, follow-up maintenance must be performed after cleaning. It is recommended to choose refreshing skin care products.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 2: The state of the skin is most sensitive to abnormal living habits. When the stress is too high, the body is tired, and the quality of life is deteriorated, the hormone secretion in the body will show a temporary imbalance, and the skin will appear imbalanced. For the T-shaped part,The phenomenon of oil out becomes more obvious.

And those spicy, fried foods, although delicious, can easily dry the skin, so it is better to eat less.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 3: Excessive Washing of Your Face

That’s wrong. Our skin itself has the function of grasping the “water-oil balance”. Repeated face washing will only make it easier for the skin surface to penetrate water.

In fact, it is enough to wash your face twice a day in the morning and evening. Do enough cleansing every time. Don’t touch your face all the time, the side will not be too oily.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 4: If oily makeup is only used to enhance oil control on basic maintenance, but some greasy makeup products are used for makeup, the skin will still be shiny.

Therefore, you must store those creamy, creamy, oily makeup products first, and add some refreshing products to yourself.

  Oil Control Misunderstanding 5: Excessive Sebum Removal Even if you have excess sebum, you cannot remove the sebum rashly.

The correct method should be to suppress the excess and lock the moisturization inside the skin while protecting the refreshing feel of the skin surface.

Therefore, do not use too many oil control products.