Re-ventilation,And then reformulate the next few palms,Confidence shines in Zhu Guosheng’s eyes,Not sure if I can kill Xiang Chen,But in Zhu Guosheng’s eyes, Xiang Chen has no retreat,So life and death are unknown,Victory or defeat。

“You are too old!”
Xiang Chen smiled,It’s the smile on Zhu Guosheng’s face,Can be considered to ease my state of mind。
Zhu Guosheng smiled but said nothing,No one shouted to start,Zhu Guosheng and Xiang Chen shot almost at the same time。
Rushed towards each other,But first took root,Zhu Guosheng was half a step fast。
After landing, it was launched with a palm,Xiang Chen hasn’t stood up yet,Just forcefully reverse it to avoid Zhu Guosheng’s attack。
The violent palm wind pushed Xiang Chen,Even if Zhu Guosheng didn’t beat Xiang Chen,The latter was also led by Zhu Guosheng,Back again,Xiang Chen felt like his waist was pinched severely,That sourness is beyond words。
Fortunately, I didn’t suffer any substantial harm,Xiang Chen is fortunate secretly,The second move of Zhu Guosheng has already hit Xiang Chen’s。
Continue sideways,Xiang Chen lunges and clasps Tiger Soul with both hands,Press down hard,If all goes well,The arm that Zhu Guosheng pushed towards him separates from his body,It’s just that the probability of such a result is too small。
In fact,Xiang Chen fiercely,The dagger held in both hands has not touched Zhu Guosheng’s arm,The whip leg that Zhu Guosheng raised had already kicked Xiang Chen’s body。
Xiang Chen who was kicked by Zhu Guosheng didn’t fly far,My feet bounce back like a spring。
Xiang Chen’s idea is very simple,Zhu Guosheng gave himself a whip,I have to kick it back.,Otherwise, you will suffer!
Just kicked Xiang Chen back,Let Lan Youmeng excite again。
In Lan Youmeng’s memory,Xiang Chen always grabbed other people’s feet and shook them around,But it looks like this,Xiang Chen was grabbed by someone’s ankle and thrown out like a sandbag,This is the first time I saw Lan Youmeng。
Bang,Xiang Chen hit the tree,Then fell to the ground and fell hard。
Although the trunk that Xiang Chen hit was not broken,But this time,Lan Youmeng looks so painful。
“Who said the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward?Who is the remnant party of this era??New Era?Did not take my ship?I can’t make waves?”
Zhu Guosheng’s arrogance when speaking makes people afraid to look directly,No need to explain,Everyone knows,After just a dozen moves,Something Zhu Guosheng hid in his body has been awakened。
Now it’s not just Zhu Guosheng who wants to stop Xiang Chen from disturbing his daughter’s engagement,And the cells hidden in the body,Both were awakened by a brief fight between two people。
Lan Youmeng can feel it,Zhu Guosheng, who is not far away, now sincerely wants to kill Xiang Chen。