right now,Ye Xuan’s life has reached thirty。

Ugh,Really not confused,Only thirty。
Only thirty days of life,Enough for what?
but,Go to the company and get sick。
Back to business department,Every colleague presents a milk tea and cake。
These colleagues have a good relationship with Ye Xuan,So everyone is very concerned。
“Ye Xuan,You are discharged,how about it,Are you feeling better??”
“Don’t take advantage of this time to rest for a few more days,Why did you return to the company so early??”
“That’s right,Ye Xuan,We plan to see you in these two days。”
Felt the sincerity of colleagues,Ye Xuan was filled with emotion。
It’s better to go to work,Can feel the greetings of colleagues,Like spring。
But not long,Ye Xuan found out,A middle-aged man in his forties came over。
This person,It is Xia Siyang’s father Xia Chaoxian。
Ye Xuan handed over the prepared milk tea drink directly:“General Manager Xia,These are for you,Every colleague has。”
“This one,I waited in line for a long time before I bought it。”
Anyway, just say that,Other people’s milk tea cake,More than 30 in one set。
Xia Chaoxian,More than twenty dollars,At best, the packaging looks better。
“Yep,well,Leaflet,look at you,Why did you come to work after being injured??”
“you all,Must learn Xiaoye’s spirit of not getting under fire。”