Where does a happy marriage come from

Where does a happy marriage come from

Many people think that after finding a partner, they can no longer be lonely, and did not expect that marriage is not the answer, but creates a great contradiction.

  In fact, most couples marry for the wrong reasons, but as long as a few changes are made, the relationship between husband and wife can begin to return to life.

  A couple or partner is like a double dance. Although the initial change will be chaotic for a while, as long as the other party still wants to continue to dance with you in this branch of double dance, you must adjust to your changes.

  Taming yourself can tame a husband. Why is marriage lonely?

Mostly because of expectations.

I originally expected our partner to meet our needs and heal our wounds, but I did not expect that as long as the excess needs were unsatisfactory.

Sometimes the other party has no ability to tolerate the pain in your heart, just like two people holding empty bowls, desperately asking the other party to give them some first, and finally the two of them snatch them, the bowl is broken, and nothing is obtained.

  Many people punish others for problems buried in their hearts.

In fact, everyone grew up with the wounds of their native family, and everyone was somewhat regrettable.

Studies have found that people who have a fatal attraction often have similar characteristics to those of their parents who have hurt themselves.

  Perhaps if his father’s scolding is unconfident, this person is particularly likely to be attracted to someone with the same characteristics as his father.

But she hopes that this time the other party will change for herself, so that she can regain her confidence and the wound can be healed.

However, often things didn’t work out and she was hurt again.

  Let go of each other’s expectations

Many times when someone talks, we feel hurt and angry. Actually, it is because the old injury in our heart has not healed, but now this person stepped on the pain and detonated the mine.

Learn to accept and let go, to feel and bravely accept the resonance emotions you have in the moment.

  The power of change is actually sowing a seed, and each time it is put down, it is like constantly irrigating the seed. You must heal yourself first and make yourself better.

One day, when I think about the other party, I am no longer angry, and I have been expelled from the grievances that have been allocated for many years. Not only does it feel easy, but I can also make more room to love others for the gift you want. You give what you want the other party to give you.May wish to give each other first, and slowly will change.

People have the inferiority of “the more you want me, the less I want”, the more you want to change the other party, the more difficult it is to achieve your goals.

  For example, a woman always expects her boyfriend to give her affirmation and praise, but the other person always gives her more criticism and analysis than comfort, which makes her often angry and avoid.

However, to make some changes, first learn to praise each other unwillingly, and unknowingly cause positive interaction between the two.

  Praise each other from the heart People often love each other in the way they think they love, but that is not what the other person wants.

Actually, there are ways to praise and support. One is to be sincere and not to return, and the other is to use a way that the other party can accept.

  For example, you do n’t have to cook to cook mountain and sea food, or even remember to bring back your favorite snacks after work to make them aware of your real concern.

  No matter how a man views himself, if you treat him as a prince, he will “become” a prince.

For women, there is also the opportunity to become a princess.

  Women and men need different support. Women need to listen, share, and encourage, but most men do n’t know it. Instead, they say, “I tell you what to do best .”
The man actually told his observations, butWomen who have the courage to confess their feelings like a pig are very frustrated.

  However, men have been hard pressed to do something but have been criticized. They feel frustrated and do not want to do it.

  The nature of men is very gentle, and women do not prevent trying to appreciate, accept the way he loves you, and then praise him without hesitation and let him know how to treat you.

  True love does not hurt. The most important thing is that women should never sacrifice sacrifice and role play.

Love is natural giving and receiving. Those who sacrifice hard give, but cannot accept it. They will be exhausted after a long time.

Especially love cannot be exchanged for sacrifice.

Maybe because someone keeps changing his life, but he keeps on giving up without getting any returns, he frequently asks: “Why only I change, and the other party never needs to change?

“If your change is only in exchange for the other party’s change, it usually won’t produce good results.

It is better to face the issue of marriage seriously and bravely, and to consider whether there is any reason to maintain it. If so, it may be a happy evil wife!

When women know how to let go, they become relaxed and happy, and let men know what to do.

  ”I feel so happy to do this for me”, this is the best compliment to my partner.

  However, at the beginning of the change, you may feel frustrated, and sometimes even your partner will be angry and think you are taunting him by praise.
But we must continue to do it, anyone can irrigate with love.
  How does the magic of recommitment regain your love for your partner?

The secret is “continuously recommit.”

It is not easy to fall in love with whiteheads. After marriage, you will also encounter the temptation of having an affair. You don’t need to deliberately cut off all the attractiveness, because you will not see the attractiveness of your partner.

  When reviewing the original intentions of your heart, you will encounter someone you like. Do n’t develop into an affair. Instead, thank the person in your heart. Then return this feeling to your partner and choose to promise your partner again. These humansThe charm of the body is transferred to the partner better.

  Commitment not only transforms major conflicts in relationships, it also makes people feel more free.

Even if it is dead and intimidating when you see each other, as long as someone on both sides starts to make a commitment, you can bring each other into a better partnership and regain the original feeling of heart.