Thirty secrets of a woman

Thirty secrets of a woman

Women need to cry and only cry if you can hear it.

  Women especially like bargains.

  Women love shopping, and they think that is the only area they can control in this world.

  Women always ask questions that don’t have the right answer. They want to make you feel guilty.

  Women like to talk, and silence disturbs them.

They need to break the silence with conversation, and there is not even much to say.

  Women need to feel that others are inferior to them.

  Women hate bugs.

When a spider or wasp is seen, even a woman with a strong will needs a man by her side.

  Women cannot keep secrets.

  Women often go to public toilets together, which is a good opportunity for them to chat.

  Women will not refuse to answer any calls.

  Women never understand why men like toys.

Men believe that if women have switches, they no longer need toys.

  Women think that all brands of beer are a taste.

  Usually women have 3 different shampoos in their bathroom.

After they bathed, the bathroom smelled of tropical rainforest.

  Women cannot appreciate the charm of sports programs.

Men seek entertainment from the things that make them escape from reality, and women seek entertainment from the things that remind them of how bad reality is.

  If a man is going out for 7 days, he will bring enough clothes for 5 days.

If a woman is going out for 7 days, she will bring enough clothes for 21 days.

  Woman combs her hair before going to bed.

  Women never make mistakes, and regret is the responsibility of men.

  Women know nothing about cars and even drive themselves.

  The woman’s bathroom is very particular.

  Women like cats.

Men say they like cats, but when women can’t see them, they kick cats.

  Women like to congee on the phone.

A woman lived with her girlfriend for two weeks, and she would call the girlfriend as soon as she returned home, and they would talk for another three hours.

  Women do makeup before doing anything-shopping, watering plants, taking out trash, answering phone calls, reading books, receiving emails . Women don’t want to get an honest answer to this question-“How do I look?

“Oh yeah nothing.

“The meaning of this sentence in a woman’s dictionary is completely different from that in a man’s dictionary.

  All women will say they are overweight, but don’t use this as a substitute.

  Only women know why “guest towels” and “good porcelain” are necessary.

  Faced with a speeding ticket, pouting can save women from violations, but men can be prevented.

  Women don’t really care if men have a sense of humor, and some even think that humor is important.

  Women spend hours putting on makeup before going out, and then they go out and spend more time watching other women.

Men never perceive women watching other men, and women can always perceive men watching other women.   The most embarrassing thing for women is to find another woman wearing the same clothes at a formal party.