What should I do if the scrotum penetrates with odor?

What should I do if the scrotum penetrates with odor?

What is the smell of the scrotum at the front end?

Many male patients consulted: the scrotum is itchy, sometimes it is particularly uncomfortable to itch in public, and they dare not deal with it. They can only be hard, and the scrotum always feels very short. The underwear changed every day feelsA little wet, then, what is the smell around the scrotum?

Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction in the article.

Symptoms of scrotal cysts According to the development of this disease, the scrotal cysts have odor symptoms can be divided into acute scrotal cyst hemorrhage, subacute scrotal cyst itching and chronic scrotal cyst itching three processes: 1, at this timeFor the scrotum skin flushing, ulcer itching, papules, itching flexibility is excessive, can expose smooth red skin.

2, subacute scrotum cyst itching: At this time for the scrotum cyst itching, do not think about diet, loose stools, yellow urine, and sometimes blisters mild erosion.

3, chronic scrotal craniocerebral itching: At this time, the cerebral itch is interrupted, nervous, drinking, eating headache, eating headache, itch, hard skin, the surface of the skin is dark red or purple brown.

What should I do if there is odor at the front of the scrotum?

1, pay attention to personal hygiene: after men appear odor around the scrotum, the first choice should pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to keep the genital clean and dry.

Take a bath and change clothes!

2, pay attention to light diet: usually diet should pay attention to eat less spicy spicy food, eat less spicy fish food, if there is smoking and drinking habits, we must correct in time!

3, wearing appropriate loose: male scrotum around the odor has a great relationship with climate and wear, men should always pay attention to avoid tight underwear and jeans, wear cotton loose underwear as soon as possible, avoid waiting in high temperature environment!

4, in time to go to professional hospitals for examination: odor around the scrotum may also be caused by prostatitis, urinary tract infection, eczema, certain sexually transmitted diseases, so it is best to go to a professional hospital in the early stage to check, to find out the cause for treatment!

Remind male friends that scrotal cysts should attract attention. If symptoms of related diseases appear, they should be examined and treated as soon as possible.