Eyelid jumping is good or bad


Eyelid jumping is good or bad

Click on the picture to buy. Everyone has encountered eyelid jumping, right, whether it is the left eye or the right eye, this will happen. A certain sentence is like this, the left eye jumps, the right eye jumps.

But in fact, this description is not correct, but many people still believe it. So what is the reason for eyelid jumping?

What about eyelid jumping?

Let Xiaobian decrypt it for you!

  Reading the eyelids from a scientific perspective has nothing to do with good or bad things.

In addition, frequent eyelid jumping may indicate one thing, which may be a sign of a disease.

  What causes the eyelids to jump?

  In anatomy, the eyelid is called the eyelid. There are two main types of muscles that control the movement of the eyelid: one is the orbicularis orbicularis muscle, which is shaped like a wheel and surrounds the eye sockets. When it contracts, the eyelids are closed;The upper eyelid muscle, which opens when the eye contracts.

These two muscles cooperate with each other, constantly shrinking and relaxing, and the eyelids open and close immediately, but if the nerves that govern these two muscles are continuously excited by some kind of stimulation, these two muscles will repeatedly contract and even twist and vibrate, and the boots appearOur outstanding “eyelid jumping” phenomenon.

  Types of eyelid jumpsPhysiological eyelid jumps are often transient, intermittent, short-lived, and have a low degree of beating, most likely because of excessive eye use, or physical exertion, stress, stress, or illness.More common.

  If there is a lack of long-term sleep, excessive alcohol and tobacco, cold, and lack of regular life, people with neurosis will also have eyelids.

However, this eyelid jump does not affect our health. As long as you pay attention to rest and ensure extra sleep, it will ease eyelid jump.

  Pathological eyelid jump Pathological eyelid jump may be caused by eye refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism; foreign bodies in the eye, inverted eyelashes, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.

  Intracranial diseases such as tumors and vascular abnormalities can also cause eyelid beating, the incidence rate is about 1%. This kind of eyelid jumping generally lasts for a long time, and the saccade is large. Most of them occur in elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Varicose veins, along with the facial nerves that dominate the eyelid muscles, are oppressed, resulting in continuous abnormal excitement that causes the muscles to continue to contract and form saccades.

  In addition, there is another kind of monocular saccade. The saccade is consistent with the pulse beat. It is accompanied by eye pain and vision loss. This saccade is often related to cerebrovascular diseases and needs sufficient attention.

  So after the above description, eyelid jumping has nothing to do with good or bad.

The occurrence of eyelid jumps may be indicative of certain diseases in our body.

  Demystifying how eyelid jumps are going on

As the saying goes: left eye jumps fortune, right eye jumps for disaster.

Right eyelid jump means something bad is going to happen. Is this true?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eyelid jumping is related to a person’s physical health.

  The eyelids are responsible for closing the eyes, and are composed of orbicularis muscle muscles that surround the eyes; what we call eyelid jumps, which is caused by the abnormal excitation of the nerves that control the eyelid muscles, is part of the orbicularis muscle fibers.Short-term involuntary and continuous contraction does not affect the skin on it.

  Causes of eyelids jumping.

The eyelids are generally fatigued, and the incidence of jumping is prolonged when using the eye for too long or lacking sleep. Other factors, such as bright light, drug-induced irritation, or foreign bodies being blown into the eye, or smoking and drinking oftenWill irritate the eyes and cause eyelids to jump.

  For eyelid beating, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by chronic illness and overwork to damage the heart and spleen, or liver and spleen blood deficiency caused by chronic wind.

  If it is caused by deficiency of heart and spleen, combined with insomnia, forgetfulness, upset and palpitations, and eating tiredness, you can treat it with “guipi decoction” plus or minus medicine taste; if it is caused by blood deficiency and wind, and often beats,It is similar to the eyebrows, foreheads, face, and mouth corners and cannot be controlled by itself, and it is treated with “Danggui Huoxueyin” plus or minus the medicine.

  Experts say that the most common eyelid jump is the “small muscle tremor” of the orbicularis orbicularis, which jumps for a few seconds to several minutes at a time; under normal circumstances, it will automatically recover after a single pass, and you can also close your eyesTake a break or cover your eyes with a hot towel, and use a balanced daily diet and extra sleep to change the timing of your eyelids beating.

  Experts say that if your eyelids keep jumping, you should see a doctor immediately.

If your eyelids are beating, half-side muscles, eyebrows, and mouth corners are twitching, it may be a distortion caused by the stimulation of the facial nerve, and you should actively treat it, otherwise you will have slanting mouth and eyes.

  Due to different causes, the treatment methods are also different.

  When your eyes are tired, there is a way to help you alleviate this symptom. Then, make a cup of strong tea, then add an appropriate amount of salt, stir well, and then apply a cotton swab to the tea and apply it around your eyes.Can quickly relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.

  How to relieve eye fatigue When your eyes feel uncomfortable or tired, you can use a hot towel to apply it.

After the towel is soaked with hot water and twisted with water, then cover your eyes with a large area, so that the blood around the eyes is activated, and it can stimulate its metabolism, thereby reducing fatigue.

  Pour a cup of chrysanthemum tea, remember to use boiling water, then make tea, keep the eyes under a certain distance under the camellia when it is hot, and then use the heat to smoke your own eyes.Good relief of fatigue.

But remember not to hurt your eyes.

  People who often have eye fatigue, remember that when they can use the eyes a lot, every half an hour or less, they can move their eyes away from the place of focus and look into the distance or look at some green plants.In this way, make your eyes peaceful, without being in a state of tension all the time.

  People with eye fatigue should always have eye drops. Do not choose functional eye drops, but directly choose the one that relieves eye fatigue.

Drop eye drops every two hours. This will also improve your eyestrain in a short time.  Food eye protection.

The eye’s need for vitamins, as well as the need for carrots, is very large. Usually, eating more carrots is also effective for eye protection.

It is also helpful to eat more livers from some animals.

Although it does not relieve fatigue quickly, it can keep eyesight and protect your eyes.

  It is recommended that people who often use eyes can eat more corn in normal times.

Everyone knows that corn contains a substance called lutein, which is very effective in protecting our eyesight.

Moreover, this substance can also have a self-healing function, that is, if the eyes are tired, eating corn will protect itself.

  In normal times, when you feel uncomfortable, you can use your fingers to massage around your eyes. You can compare the acupuncture points. The main acupoints are the eye acupoint, the bamboo bamboo point, and the temple, which can alleviate the fatigue.

If you are uncomfortable, you should find someone to help you massage.