Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming

Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming

Qingming is the meaning of heaven and earth.

At this time, the climate is warm, the peach blossoms are beginning to bloom, and the willows are green, which is the day of worshipping the tombs.

In addition, Qingming is still an important health festival.

How to maintain health, may wish to look at the health care recommended by experts.

  The three types of health-care movements that are suitable for the Qingming period are getting warmer during the Qingming period. Spring training is a must, but not all sports are suitable for this time.

  Recommended one: gentle exercise in the spring breeze and the hustle and bustle of the day, walking, jogging and other relatively quiet sports are more suitable for you just came from the cold winter.

And go and stop, when the time is fast and slow, this stop and go, fast and slow walking or jogging can stabilize the mood, eliminate fatigue, improve the heart and lung function, reduce blood lipids, improve the body’s metabolic capacity of health care.

  Recommendation 2: Leisure and fun mountaineering, you can practice your feet on foot and drive the body’s big cycle.

For those who have difficulty in hiking and hiking, or who are limited by time, they can choose a kite that combines leisure, entertainment and exercise.

  Recommendation 3: Health and wellness spring training may be easier for younger friends, but for middle-aged and older people, spring training should be scientific and reasonable and targeted.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose some taiji, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin and other qigong exercises with health and health effects.

  In the spring, the human blood goes from the inside to the outside, and the whole nature is also in the time when everything is born.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that before and after the Qingming, we must remember to “get up early in the night and walk in the court.”

“After the night is dark, you should sleep. Get up early, get up early in the morning.”

This is because the blood in the spring goes out, and we sleep a little earlier in the evening, which is conducive to recovery of blood.

“Growing in the court” is to go out for a walk often, feel the breath of nature, and naturally form a harmonious state with the natural world.

  We must pay attention to breathing with the tortoise before and after breathing. The method of breathing can be taken from the turtle.

Usually people use chest breathing, while when they are asleep, they are mostly breathing.

The tortoise has no intercostal muscles and intercostal bones. It only combines the head and neck and the stomach, so its breathing is very special. It is a chest-type and abdominal breathing.

  How do people learn turtle breathing?

In fact, it is very simple. When you breathe, try to expand the contour of the chest to inhale the air, then further mobilize the abdominal muscles for abdominal breathing, let the air all the way from the buttocks, the abdomen, always put it in the dantian, and then deeply by the nose.All spit out, this is chest and abdominal breathing.

  Drinking chrysanthemum tea before and after the Qingming Festival is approaching, and soon entering the season of “there are many spring rains falling down.”

Traditional health studies believe that “spring and liver correspond to”, so spring liver care is often health care.

  Spring is the time when the liver is rising, so it is not appropriate to eat “fat” food (such as bamboo shoots, chicken, etc.).

In the Qingming period, you should eat more foods that are soft and nourishing the lungs, amaranth, spinach, yam, and white fungus are good choices.

  Before and after the Qingming, you may also want to drink some chrysanthemum tea.

Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum can evacuate wind and heat, have a liver, prevent colds, lower blood pressure and so on.

However, drinking chrysanthemum tea will also hurt the liver, so you should add it in moderation.