Five major care methods for skin allergies

Five major care methods for skin allergies

The phenomenon of skin allergies is not particularly rare around us. The occurrence of skin allergies causes serious harm to the healthy skin of patients and friends, so we must be timely in allergic diseases.What is the preventive care method for skin allergies?

The five major nursing methods for skin allergies should pay attention to the nutritional balance in the diet. You can eat more milk, freshwater fish, soy products and fresh vegetables and fruits to enhance skin resistance.

Avoid eating salty water fish, shrimp, crabs and other foods that are allergic to allergies.

Second, the use of cosmetics as a person with allergies should be very careful. The first time you use a certain kind of cosmetics, you should be very careful. You should do a skin patch test beforehand. If there is no adverse reaction, you can use it, otherwise you can’t use it.

Cosmetics that cannot be replaced, skin care products that contain too much flavor and are too acidic and too alkaline can not be used.

Third, excessive care and neglect of allergies are not too many products and too complicated skin care procedures, it is not an effective way to improve allergies.

But nothing can be done without the same, because lack of moisture, there may be more serious peeling, lack of sunscreen care, may make the skin rough and cause uneven pigmentation.

Soothing moisturizing toner, ion reduction process, moisturizing!

Fourth, make-up attention to sensitive issues If you find yourself sensitive to cosmetics, you should stop using it, do not make the skin worse because of the greed.

If you must apply makeup, you can use the key makeup method, draw eyeliner, apply mascara, and then apply a natural and shiny lipstick, which can also create a very beautiful look.

5. After mild skin cleansing, do not wash your face with too hot water, twist the skin, and do not use soap. The alkali will aggravate the symptoms of skin allergy.

Wash your face with a gentle soothing cleansing foam without applying any skin care products. Use your fingers to make some gentle massage on your arms to relax your facial muscles, promote normal blood circulation, and accelerate the healing of skin allergies.

The above is the relevant content of skin allergy care methods, especially remind you that if you have serious skin allergies, please go to the hospital in time to prevent the disease from worsening and threatening your health.