Because although this ghost giant is dead,But the space energy in its body has not dissipated,And this is for the god people who believe in the power of light pattern,It’s just a piercing poison,Every step,Can feel that their body is being corroded by the evil spirit of the dark race。

at last,Zhou Shen walked to the left atrium of the Shadow Giant,Visual inspection should be this place。
Zhou Shen raised the scalpel in his hand,Gritted his teeth,Stabbed in。
An indescribable stench came on your face,This is for the people of God,It’s a suffocating smell,Very unpleasant。
but,Zhou Shen smiled,This stench is so strong,Explain a problem,It’s just that the heart of this ghost giant is still fresh,The fel energy in it has not escaped,And this also represents the high quality of the sacrifice。
A fresh heart of the ghost giant,It should be worth a top sacrifice, right?!
Zhou Shen slashed open the chest of the Demon Shadow Giant,The whole person almost got in。
I saw my companion disappear,Yusheng below is a little worried,Can’t help but call out in a low voice。
“Lao Zhou!Are you OK?Do you want me to come up and help?”Yu Sheng whispered。
“No need to!Don’t come up!I’ll be well soon!”Zhou Shen’s voice came from the chest of the Shadow Giant,Yusheng breathed a sigh of relief。
The waiting time is always very long,Obviously only ten breaths have passed,But for Yusheng below,It’s like a century has passed。
at last,There was a puff over my head,What seems to be Leaking sound。
Followed by,A figure appeared above Yusheng’s head,That thin body,It is his good friend Zhou Shen。
Snapped!Zhou Shen threw down a pocket。
Yusheng quickly caught,This pocket is heavy,And it exudes an indescribable breath。