How to prevent children with autism from doing four things

How to prevent children with autism from doing four things

Increase the contact time with young children, enhance the emotional communication with young children, usually play with the children often, constantly touch the head and limbs of the child, kiss the child’s face and small hands, and pay attention to often give the child a smile and joy, so that the childProduce and gain stability, pleasure and satisfaction.

Don’t rush to do housework after work, you should take some time to get in touch with the children, use a gentle, harmonious, amiable tone to talk and talk with the children, tell the children a quick and interesting story, sing the songs that are turned and listen, and bathe the children.Wash your face, comb your hair, cut your nails, etc., so that your child feels the kindness of his parents. He has a face, a cheerful heart and a happy spirit, which promotes the growth and development of children and physiological development, which is conducive to the prevention of psychological autism.

I often take toddlers to walk in the green forest and manor, play, watch birds and animals in the park, see exotic flowers and plants, and play with large toys.

I often sing, dance, play games, conduct sports activities, and engage in extremely simple housework with young children.

This can increase the amount of activity of the child, and can also be exercised by the child, and the child can be educated.

To establish a democratic, equal, united, and harmonious family relationship, each member must respect each other, care for each other, be considerate, and help each other.

We must unite and love, be faithful and sincere, speak civilized, be polite, pay attention to good moral quality, always, always do things, and give children a very good influence, so that children can learn by example, and have motivation and confidence.