Mauritius is more beautiful than heaven

Mauritius is more beautiful than heaven

The island of Florida has always been a happy place for the upper middle class of Europe. The coastline around the island is full of four-star, five-star and super five-star hotels.

It seems to be the exclusive place for Europeans, and the flights between European airlines alternate.

However, more and more Chinese people have discovered the charm of this island, picking up backpacks and going there to enjoy the rare luxury.

  About Visa: Bring your passport with fast and free entry, as well as hotel reservations and ticket reservations.

There are no direct flights to Florida in the country, usually to Hong Kong or Singapore, so if you want to shop at the airport, you must bring a signed Hong Kong and Macau Pass or a valid Singapore visa.

On the flight at the time of flight, the immigration card will be delivered. In English, in addition to the general information, you should fill in a local residence and fill it out on the hotel reservation form.

The visa is free of charge.

  There are about 107 hotels on the island about a hundred tons.

The hotels in Mauritius are built along the coast, mostly based on resort hotels above Samsung.

Each of the hotel’s houses is a sea view room, and most hotels have unique pools and their own exclusive beaches.

The cost of accommodation in a local luxury five-star hotel is 400 Euros a night, and the four-star five-star hotel is above 100 Euros.

If you can make an appointment through a travel agency, the price will be cheaper.

  Chinese tourists currently prefer the Club Med “Ebbi” resort on the West Coast. It is the first resort of the Club Med Group to receive the 5-star Sea God Fishing Fork. The price of the machine also includes three meals a day, in addition to deep diving.The cost of various water activities outside is quite cost-effective.

The famous Belle Mare beach (also with a large public beach) is one of the hotel’s gathering places, and all hotels have private beaches.

If you want to enter the hotel, the guard will ask for the room number and the privacy is very good.

  Legendary, located on the northeastern shore of the island.

The Constance Belle Mare PlageHotel above is suitable for high-end guests.

The Re-sort Hotel in India is suitable for the travel team. The price is not expensive, the hotel environment is good, and there are Chinese shows in the evening.

  About a direct flight from Hong Kong and Singapore to Florida Airport, the flight time is about 10 hours.

The round-trip ticket price discount price is also more than 7,000 yuan, or it is recommended to buy through a travel agency or agent, it will be much cheaper.

From Hong Kong, there were only 2 flights per week in the past, so the itinerary is usually five or eight nights, basically five nights.

If you rent a car through a local travel agency, the price varies depending on the model. The average car is 700 yuan a day, and the driver is given a tip.

  Tip: Vancouver can also rent a car, for a very temporary, small-displacement car price is about 550 yuan / day.

The Mao State vehicle travels to the left, with a two-hour interval from the south to the farthest.

The driver only looks at the original driver’s license, and the current new driver’s license is generally in English, and the staff will record the driver’s license information.

However, due to the complicated road conditions, it is recommended to rent a car carefully.

  In the hotel room rate for breakfast and dinner, in order to attract Chinese tourists, some local hotels began to add Chinese elements to the breakfast, such as porridge, noodles, etc., and even the electric kettle began to enter the hotel room.

For lunch, you can taste local cuisine at a price similar to that in Europe, with a typical per capita income of around ten euros.

  Florida’s cuisine blends with national tastes, and Creole (Creole: a curry and tomato meat) is the keynote of the cuisine here.

Florida’s seafood is particularly rich, such as Maling fish, fresh tuna, smoked swordfish, oysters, and mini lobster.

The famous food is 鹌鹑 salad with strawberry vinegar, fried banana, mango coconut chicken breast and so on.

Million-aireSalad is also very popular in the local area. The salad is made from the palm tree heart (palm heart) of the local area. A palm takes 5 years to grow. OnlyThe tree heart can eat, one is only enough for 8 people.

Eat a fruit called Passion must be cautious, it is best to do a skin test first, otherwise it may have a rash, itching and not dare to scratch, it affects the quality of the tour.

The recommended attraction for the attraction is the deep sea experience tour in the north, where the Europeans first went to vacation, so the tourist facilities are very mature and the scenery is beautiful.

On the northern beaches, there are many clubs or shops that specialize in deep-sea fishing and diving. Even the tourists have to book in advance at the hotel or many local day trips (a lot can be seen on the road).

Take the boat away from the island in the morning, and hook the fishing under the guidance of the staff. Your harvest is basically a sea fish that is high in one person. At noon, the crew will arrange a barbecue dinner, or you can go deep sea diving or snorkeling.

The price of this day is about 150 Euros. It is recommended to ask if you can fight with others at the time of booking. The price allocated is cheaper.

  Must also try small submarines or submarine motorcycles that are unique to formaldehyde.The small submarine can see the marine life and corals clearly in the 35-meter-deep ocean. The wreckage of the sea-wreck ship can be found in the 45-minute trip. The price is 40 Euro/person.

Submarine motorcycles are dangerous. There is only one passenger, with a sealed helmet. The sea water is flowing over the shoulders. Driving under a 3-meter-deep underwater motor for more than half an hour is very exciting. The cost is 50 Euro/person.

The Royal Botanical Garden in the capital, Port Louis, is also worth a visit. It covers an area of more than 800 acres. The “Amazon River Giant Lotus” is the largest floating lotus in the world. It will not sink if you sit on a child. The ticket is 8 Euro/person.

  Tip: The Colombian economy is mainly based on the sugar industry, and the sugar industry museum is also very interesting. The so-called sugar produced by the Democratic Party will not gain weight and can raise stomach.

  Regarding the other 1, the Colombian currency is the rupee, and the 1 yuan can be exchanged for 4.

5 rupees.

It is more cost-effective to exchange RMB for US dollars and then convert it to Lu.

The local bank has already opened the business of UnionPay cards, but it is mainly cash in places outside the tourist area, so it is best to exchange some rupees.

  2. Mauritius has a subtropical maritime climate.

The seaside resort has a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, in addition to the summer dress, you need to carry a thin long-sleeved shirt and jacket.

  3, Colombia time is 4 hours slower than China.

  Tip: The shops here usually close at 4pm and the supermarket will be late.

The diamonds produced here are of the same quality as South African diamonds, but the price is 10%-15% cheaper.

In addition, the spices produced in Mauritius are organic, you can buy some dry, and there is no problem when entering the immigration.