Just get up,In the shallow, there is a mountain Huangquan.,The latter is dignified,Can’t say serious。

“Huangquan,I want to go shopping.,Do you want to shout together?,Come to a three-person date,You,I am responsible for taking pictures。”
Yushan Huangquan has not responded,As if I have not heard the same。
Liao Wenjie sighed,Height is not cold,I have to have no friends.。
I will open a vest in the morning.!
The whirlpool is good.,Worth with Kurosaki,Happy is big chest。
As for the captain of wearing a herd hat……
He is actually nothing,Because the worldview has not been selected。
“gentlemen,I have been talking with the privilege family.,Here will be built as soon as possible.……White jade image,And from the Exor Magist Family Union, several witches。”Intervered。
Witch is not her recruit,But the other party’s request,Such a big place cannot be given,Bring a few marriages and leave.。
Liao Wenjie listened to his eyes,According to what he knows,Neon culture,writing‘Witch’,Dancing girl、Seal。
Direct white point,Neon believes that the witch is the bridge of God and the human,And the witch combination is the method of communicating with God。
When I listen, let people call me!。
Although there are also witches that must be pure body,but……
The devout believers have refuted this ridiculous statement.,How is God?、What a great existence,The mortal can take his own ideas to cover the will of God,Communication with God and secular combination is two yards,Believe in believers,Thoughts can’t be too dirty。
so,The witch is still too,There is a common state of the sages,How to wash away the filth,See the gods in the heart of a tanned egg!
“It sounds pretty good,I suddenly started appreciation you.!”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Take a shallow shoulder,Righteous words:“Shrine opens business,Remember to inform me,I want to communicate the first and God.……wrong,I have a package.,Others go to death,Only I have qualifications and god to communicate!”
It’s you,Rapida integrates neon mythical style。
Chapter 483 I used to be an atheist until I met you.
I don’t know what to say in the shallow.,Thunders to tear out a smile:“gentlemen,We are Zheng Shrine,And the custom you said is long history.。”
“What is good for respecting history?……”
Liao Wenjie,Complain:“Purely,One said one,The gods you worship are not,Why do you do that,You really realize and implement the will of God.?”
Be too reasonable.,Zhongli speechless。
“Say you may not believe,I am fortunate to understand the will of God.,Witch still is not a good time。”
Liao Wenjie,Small channel:“According to God’s indication,You worship God’s constructive advice on the shrine,Such as witness,Recommended,Not only drafting,Can also strengthen the cohesiveness of believers。”
Such traffic and believers don’t want!
Shallow closure,Finally, God is not known to him.,this moment,Although she is a personal,But with your own courage to overcome God。