Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

Evergrande Accelerates the Expansion of the Children’s World Health Valley Four Project in the Northeast

On September 29th and 30th, Shenyang Hengdatong World, Shenfu New District Hengda Health Valley, Shenyang Evergrande Football Characteristic Town, Fushun Kangxi Ecological Town and other four projects were established in Shenyang, Fushun, and other project sites.The ceremony was officially settled in Liaoning.

Deputy Governor Chen Luping of Liaoning Province, relevant departments of the province, relevant leaders of Shenyang City, Fushun City and Shenfu New District attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Evergrande Project and laid the foundation for the project.

This is another achievement that Liaoning Province has fully implemented in the “No.1 Project” for attracting investment and has been striving to carry out the “Strong and Strong” special action. It is another achievement of Liaoning Province in striving to create an international business environment, marking the same as Liaoning Province.Tongda Group entered a new stage of comprehensive cooperation.

According to reports, Evergrande World is the only indoor, all-weather, all-season fairy-tale mythical theme park built for children and children.

The top-level amusement facilities and technology with the highest technological content create the largest childhood paradise in the world, with Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese stories as the core content, integrating the essence of Chinese culture and world civilization.
The highest grade, the world’s number one theme park.

Evergrande Health Valley creates a new all-round healthy and healthy life, a new model of high-precision multi-dimensional health management, a new high-quality multi-level health pension system, a new system of high-cycle health insurance, and a multi-modal health member.The new mechanism will become the largest, highest-grade, world-class health and endowment insurance in China.

The four projects laid the foundation for the foundation laying ceremony of Shenyang Hengdatong World are the first foundation projects of Liaoning Tonghengda series cooperation projects.

It took only 4 months from project planning to project landing, and the project amount exceeded 100 billion yuan, which created a miracle of attracting investment from Liaoning Province.

(Shenfu Hengda Health Valley Foundation Grounding Ceremony) During the project landing process, the relevant departments of Liaoning Province Zhihe City strictly abide by the requirements of the Secretary of Chen Qifa and the Governor of Tang Yijun, actively docking, closely cooperate, strengthen service, and insist on working once a week.Advance, centrally dispatch once every two weeks, and equip each project with a “project manager”, from the introduction of the project to the ground-breaking foundation, providing a full-process full-cycle “store small two” service, timely helping to solve the land in the project landing process, approvalThe problems in other areas have provided a strong guarantee for the project.

In the follow-up, there will be four Evergrande projects that will be launched in Liaoning and will start construction in April next year.