The construction of socialist democracy in Yunnan Province has taken new pace

  The democratic cohesive force is used to protect the rule of law to develop the construction of the socialist democratic rule of Democratic in Yunnan. The winter of Wulmon Mountain in the winter, the 209 historical legacy mine ecological restoration projects in the Chi Shuihe River Basin of Zhaotong City are unfolded. In order to guard the ecological river in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the River of the Beauty, the Hero, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, to support the rule of law with the "Regulations + Common Decision", to support the rule of law umbrella; the Provincial Political Consultative Association for 4 consecutive years and around Provincial and Municipal Political Consultative Conference work together to promote the environmental governance of the basin and the poverty reduction in the form of joint research, joint proposal, special report.

Behind the efforts of "one Jiang Qingshui Yunnan", he returned to the decision of the democratic rule of law. In the past 5 years, Yunnan adheres to the party’s leadership, the people are the owners, and the whole is comprehensive according to the law, with democratic cohesive strength, use the rule of law escort development, the province’s socialist democratic rule of law has taken a solid step. The democratic rule of law has always been resoned by high quality development. The provinces and the Standing Committee of the province revive around the center, the Ministry of Service, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of the province, the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, the General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s "three positioning" democratic legislation, scientific legislation, the scientific legislation, and successively introduced "Yunnan Province Construction Ordinance of United Progress Demonstration Zone The special work report of attacking and carried out a special inquiry, in the past three consecutive years of inspected the nine high-plate plateau lake river (lake) long-made work and protection governance.

The Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee adheres to the whole process of "people-centered" through the People’s Congress, the first provincial government to establish a state-owned asset management system to the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, inviting the Provincial People’s Congress to participate in the Standing Committee law enforcement examination, legislation research, and effort Promoting the province’s 10,000-level representatives and about 360,000 people build regular linkages, better meet the needs and expectations of the people.

  Carry forward the socialist negotiation democracy, and the power of the people’s intelligence. The Provincial Political Consultative Conference paysively played a special consultative institution, continuously enriched the form of negotiation, increased the frequency of negotiation, and improved the effectiveness of consultations, forming a full conference as a leading, topic policy meeting, the topic consultation meeting, and the chairman of the conference , Proposal to negotiate, remote consultation, and negotiate consultations, and negotiate a negotiation in the regularity.

It has been surrounded by the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the National Economic and Social Development of Yunnan Province; consolidating the expansion of poverty achievements, fully implementing the revitalization strategy of rural resolution; building "digital Yunnan"; accelerating the construction of border small ways; the construction of public health emergency management capacity in Yunnan Province The full-scale prevention and control mechanism has improved the provincial center, focusing on the joint work, and held six special policy segments, 27 special consultation meetings, 6 chairpersons, focusing on issues, while deploying at the county-level CPPCC "Consultation in the grassroots" work, giving intelligence and strength for the province’s reform and development.

  Leading reforms in the rule of law, promoting the rule of law, and is fair and harmonious. In the past 5 years, the construction of the government in Yunnan Province has achieved a new breakthrough, "put the service service" reform continues to deepen, online government service capacity has improved significantly, realizing 1363 matters of 20 service topics "Pocket", accelerating the construction, do not seek people, approval Up to run a business environment. The province’s political and legal departments promote fair judicial justice in the reform of the judicial system, and the "three synchronous" working mechanisms and public opinion risk assessment mechanisms of the party committee policy, the implementation of the relevant functional departments in the country; , Prosecutor preparation and post dynamic management, establish and improve the selection system of judge prosecutor, implement the responsibility system of the income lead cadres, the provincial court president account, accounting case, the leaders and departmental person responsible for the prosecution account account for accounts Public security organs complement 63 law enforcement case management centers, and% of the province’s grassroots procuratorate to the Public Security Law Enforcement Case Management Center, the police station has carried out the work to form a full-scale oversight model for the end of investigation. (Reporter Liu Xiaoying, Zhang Yu, Zhang, Chen Xiaobo.