The crowd retreated like a tide,There was a big empty space in an instant。

I saw a middle-aged man who was as thin as a bamboo pole leaning on his waist,Walked slowly in front of the convoy。
This person has a pointed mouth monkey gill,It’s unpleasant at first sight
Species,And skinny,Looks like a drug addict,But his eyes are shining,Like the eyes of an owl,With a kind of terrifying light。
“Tu Ching,I heard that you have made great progress in the past two years,I have done several important things for that side,There must be a lot of rewards?”Asked the thin bamboo pole with a smile。
Tu Ching shrugged his shoulders,Cold road:“Fan Chu,Don’t you stay in South America,Actually went to the Golden Triangle to do things,Your arms and legs are stretched too long, right?!”
It turns out that this thin bamboo pole is Venerable Fan Chu,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but look at each other a few more times,At this moment, I can’t actually feel the fluctuation of the strength of the opponent’s body,It can be seen that the other party has reached the state of sending and receiving freely。
“What a joke!Liu Niu’er and I are friends,I came to his place as a guest,See you guys have fun betting,Just play two,Doesn’t it work?”
“Row!You can play whatever you want!Just follow the rules。Talking more is not helpful,See you in the arena!”Tu Chuan responded loudly。
“it is good!I also want to take a look,The seeds you brought,How many catties are there。”Venerable Fan Da sneered twice,Waved。
Liu Niu’er gave an order,Two heavy trucks that blocked the road restarted,Cross the road,Fly away。
Chatuchai and Hong Taeran got in the car too,The team keeps going,Go to the designated place where they should go。
These two groups of people from beginning to end,I didn’t even look at the dead who were killed by Venerable Fan Da.,As if in their eyes,Those living beings are nothing worth mentioning。