The big man’s voice fell off,The people behind all laughed wretchedly。

This person didn’t notice Xiao Fan’s cold eyes instantly,Continue to say:“how about it?Just a meal,Save your kowtow,Do you know how much cheaper you picked up?!”
“what!”That person’s voice just fell off,I saw Xiao Fan didn’t know when he had already arrived in front of him,And accompanied by,And the pain in my arm。
Look down,Actually folded!
The man looked at Xiao Fan incredulously,Anger:“you,How dare you……”
Xiao Fan said coldly:“I warn you,Dare to say anything frivolous to my wife,You have only one end,That is——dead。”
The man was startled by the horrifying aura that suddenly emanated from Xiao Fan,He even stepped back unconsciously。
All of a sudden,Shouted to the other brothers:“Bros,Give me up,I must abolish him today!”
Others saw that their boss was hurt,Anger comes from it,With the weapon in his hand, he rushed towards Xiao Fan together。
But they didn’t even approach Xiao Fan,Was blasted away by a strong air current。
Xiao Fan said coldly to them:“roll!”
A few people left this place of right and wrong after crawling on the ground。
The thoughts in their hearts now are,This person is too strong,If you want to survive,You have to go faster。