Ye Xinye advises everyone,Basement floor of the museum,Five floors above ground,Mainly equipped with exhibition hall、Collection preservation system、Educational service facilities、Business research facilities and security、Public Service、Integrated management system, etc.;The pavilion is divided into a history pavilion、Nature Pavilion、Four major parts of the art gallery and temporary exhibition hall。

“Everybody,Do you know what the treasure of this museum is??”Hu Yang asked。
Among the audience in the live broadcast room,There are natives,There are also people who have been to the museum,Gave the answer immediately。but,They said they haven’t seen it,Because it seems to be closed to the public。
Everyone,All interested。Blessed by Brother Hu,Destined to see the legendary Qianjin Monkey King Inkstone。
“Yes!Thousand Golden Monkey King Inkstone。This square inkstone,We seem to have mentioned it before。right now,Let’s go see it together!”Hu Yang said to everyone。
Ye Xin led Populus and Huazi forward,Now that we are at the museum,I haven’t seen the treasure of the town hall,That’s too bad。
Through glass,Everyone can see the inkstone placed inside。This is the thousand-gold monkey king inkstone, known as the top of the three wonderful inkstones in the world,Many people are curious,What does it look like。
I saw the inkstone was a flat cuboid,Carved from the precious Duanxi Laokeng Daxi Cave stone,Stone color purple blue with a little green,Dense stone、solid、exquisite,As tender as a child’s skin,Fish brain jelly、Huo Nian、Stones such as blue and white and gold thread。
“Everyone see?Yantang has natural fish brain jelly that looks like a macaque,And surrounded by rouge fire,Under the flames,The macaque image is vivid and lifelike,Lifelike。It’s all formed naturally,A masterpiece of nature,Also because of this,It was named the first of the three most wonderful inkstones in the world。”Hu Yang told everyone。
In addition,Inkstone、Inkstone、Yanbei、The inkstone side is thin、Basal carving,Tailoring、Carved out the mountains and mountains、Flowing Spring Waterfall,Peach trees and other patterns。
Inscriptions on both sides of the inkstone,Right inscription:“Thousand Golden Monkey King Inkstone,Guangxu Renchen,Yushan He Family’s Old Man Collection“,Left side:“Guo Lanxiang made inkstone,Xiang Xinnan“。
“I saw a friend in the live broadcast room asking how much it was worth,Theoretically,This treasure,Priceless。But if you have to use money to measure,Take it for auction,Tens of millions must be grabbed by many people,What sky-high prices can be photographed,Nobody knows。
Now that I watched the golden monkey Wang Yan,Then we must see another Duan inkstone,It is also one of the three wonderful inkstones,Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone。
So much!I shut up immediately,Let the beauty tell you,You bastards。”Hu Yang didn’t say many words,Was demolished by the audience in the live broadcast room。
He found,These guys are getting more and more presumptuous。
With longer contact,The relationship between the audience in the live broadcast room and Brother Hu is getting closer,All joking unscrupulously。
Probably because of this,They feel Hu is very close,Obviously a rich man,There is no shelf at all。
Ye Xin told everyone:“Everyone look here,It is the Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone, one of the three wonderful inkstones mentioned by Brother Hu just now。”
I saw it was blue and blue,The stone is delicate and delicate,Inkstone is rectangular。The name of Fang Yan is engraved on the upper left corner of the forehead“Yanhua Sixiang Inkstone“。