“rest well,After this war,Your strength should skyrocket,I’ll go back to Zhumen to find some materials,Create a better dragon armor for you。”Zhu Minglang said to the big black tooth。

The silver-green heavy armor is broken。
Originally, Zhu Minglang planned to make a better one,And with the craftsmanship of the inner courtyard,It can also be used to create a piece with far more functions than the silver blue heavy armor!
“Xiaoqingzhuo,You come back too。”
Shenmu Qingshenglong is obviously more dominant,On the one hand, there are not as many flying dragons as terrestrial dragons.,On the other hand, Shenmu Qingshenglong seems to be about to enter the next period.,Much stronger than other flying dragons。
Its air fight,Not too much suspense,Zhu Minglang allowed Shenmu Qingshenglong to play freely。
Out of the battlefield,Soon there will be a group of people in servant costumes,They flooded into the bloody bronze battlefield,Quickly wash the entire venue……
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha are not very interested in the next game。
Their purpose is to enter a higher round,Compete against members of the stronger forces。
of course,As a Dragon Shepherd,In fact, no matter which ladder it is fighting,Can blend in well,After all, all the dragons raised by Master Mu Long,Can’t all be at the same level,In order to train their younger dragon beasts,Many Dragon Shepherds who are strong in their own right,Will also appear in this kind of mixed battle。
Nan Lingsha shouldn’t play,She already has the qualifications to enter a higher round。
Zhu Minglang has a keen interest in this battlefield。
Nowhere is this battlefield more suitable for training Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus and Shenmu Qingshenglong。
So before the second round,He decided to swim more in this fish pond bureau……