Gu Rimou said with a smile:“You said I’m a master,Is it appropriate for you to let me go ahead,Let colleagues in the cultivation world see,Where do i put my face,Are you right!”

“Pooh,There is a woolen outsider in this wilderness……”
Gu Rimou’s expression suddenly became serious,Whispered:“I heard the sound of fighting,There are really outsiders around here!”
Chen Xiu listened quietly,He can hear all the sounds of insects and birds within ten meters,Big moves within one kilometer must be beyond his ears,Except for the sound of wind and the occasional hare running across the grass,I really didn’t hear any fighting。
The look of Gu Rimou is not fake,Chen Xiu is on“Omniscient”,The hearing range has increased several times and still can’t hear the loud fighting。
“What is the sound of fighting there,Lie to me again!”
“The fight is several kilometers away from here,You can’t hear,follow me!”
Gu Rimou leaped to the canopy of a towering tree over 30 meters high.,Chen Xiu was stunned,It’s not a problem to jump for more than ten meters with his light work,Let him jump more than 30 meters,Nothing can be done without borrowing。
Watching Gu Rimou’s leaping figure,Obviously I haven’t tried my best,I was even more surprised at how high Gu Rimou’s cultivation level is.。
“What are you still doing,Come up soon!”
Gu Rimou waved to Chen Xiu from the tree canopy and shouted in a low voice。
“it is good!”
Chen Xiu gathers his true energy“Sea of blood”、“Yangguan Point”,Slightly bent legs,Pop up,It’s seven or eight meters up all at once,Waiting to rise to the highest point,A little tree trunk,Make a comeback,It’s another seven or eight meters,Repeat this twice to reach the canopy。