Just after seven o’clock,Xia Jian has reached the door of the venture group,I saw Xi Zhen pulling a small box and standing by the door,Xia Jian trumpeted her,Xi Zhen dragged the box and ran over。

Xia Jian is also welcome,Jumped out of the car and got into the passenger seat。When Xi Zhen got in the car, he found a beautiful big black dog in the back row.。She smiled a little surprised:“This dog is so beautiful“
“It’s called Xiaohei,To be exact a dog“Xia Jian said solemnly。
Xi Zhen fastened his seat belt,Turning around and greeted Xiao Hei,This little guy seems to understand,Screamed at her twice。
This Xi Zhen made a big laugh:“Oh my goodness!President Xia,You can talk,I think it’s almost perfect”Xi Zhen said,Kick the throttle,The car has rushed out。
This time in the morning,Because they are walking outside the city,So the vehicle is not very high。Xi Zhen don’t think she is a woman,But the car is driving violently,This speed is definitely not inferior to Xia Jian’s driving speed。
The two chatted in the car for a while,Xi Zhen knows that Xia Jian is tired these days,So she smiled and said:“Mr. Xia, don’t care about me,Sleep when you are sleepy,I’ll call you when I reach the place”
Not long after Xi Zhen’s words,Xia Jian really fell asleep,He slept very soundly and deeply this time,When Xi Zhen calls him,,Xia Jian opened his eyes and found that he had arrived outside the Pingdu toll station。
He opened the window and took two breaths of fresh air and said:“Eleven o’clock,Let’s go directly to the apartment!”Xia Jian said,So he gave Xi Zhen a rough route。
Pingdu is not very big,Traffic is not complicated,Xi Zhen, under the guidance of Xia Jian,Drove the car into the apartment downstairs soon。Xia Jianyi jumped out of the car,Opened the back door,Xiao Hei swishes out。
When a few security guards saw this, they gathered around,Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Guo Meili has walked out of the canteen。
First0743chapter Niu turned the sky
Guo Meili is a strong woman,She has arranged lunch for Xia Jian and Xi Zhen,Even Xiao Hei’s wolf food is ready,This makes Xia Jian very happy。
More than eleven o’clock,Others have not got off work,Guo Meili asked the canteen to open in advance,Because she knows,Xia Jian and Xi Zhen came here very hard,Give them time to rest after eating。
The three are eating,Talking about the issue,Guo Meili told Xia Jian,Said that Ouyang Hong was looking for him at Donglin Building at 3 o’clock in the afternoon,Then the two went to the city hall together。
Xia Jian nodded in satisfaction,Then I glanced at Xi Zhen,He just about to speak。Guo Meili is like a roundworm in his stomach,Know what he wants to ask immediately。