The People’s Bank of China Linyi Center Branch explored "housewary" financial services model, helping rural industries

  In recent years, the People’s Bank of China, Linyi City Center Branch, adheres to the development philosophy of "financial distensive industry, industrial revitalization rural", guiding banking institutions around the development of local rural specialty industries, from improving supporting mechanism, innovation service concept, custom characteristic products, Provide "housework" intimate service for the main body of the agricultural industry.

  As of the end of August 2021, Linyi City was more than 100 million yuan in farmers, accounting for more than a loan.

Among them, the characteristic industrial loan balance billion yuan, the year-on-year increase, boosting the city’s agricultural output value of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth%.

  Perfecting the supporting mechanism to build a "responsibility + fund + increased information" Caution guarantee system, Linyi City, Linyi City, the center of Linyi City, established the coordinated linkage mechanism of the agricultural rural bureau, the rural Zhenxing Bureau, the Finance Bureau, etc. List push, policy collaboration, information sharing and other responsibilities, regular research industrial development, financing and other needs, targeting solving problems. At the same time, the bank has established policy funding mechanisms, and increases relicting to rural revitalization, the development of a certain scale of the county, and performs limit allocation according to the capacity and demand of funds.

The city billion yuan reissue limit and the usage rate is 90%. In terms of risk protection and guarantee increase, the bank promoted the establishment of a small and micro enterprise loan risk compensation fund pool. In 2021, 21 rural financial institutions were all dollared with risk compensation funds, covering 84%; and Finance Bureau, Financial Office Jointly establish "2 + 1" financing mechanism for "reproduciation + financing guarantee + credit", promoting Shanxi Provincial Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and Linyi City Government Financing Guarantee Company to issue farming loans required by the People’s Bank of Bank Reproduction , "See the loan", the guarantee rate is reduced to%. Innovative service concept to create a "resident + home + delivery" family-mechanical service model China People’s Bank Linyi City Center Branch Jurisdiction Yixian, Daning County, and Qixian County People’s Bank promotes the local organizational department to select business backbone After the appointment of the township party committee, they went deep into the "financial village official", respectively, served as the financial deputy secretary of the village party branch, the deputy director of the village committee, participated in the cultivation of the village industry development planning and quality project, and tied to the industrial financing demand. The whole village is credited, providing "zero-distance" financial helping for the development of rural industries.

In 2021, 3 counties in the city were stationed in 198 officials, covering up to 184 administrative villages in townships. Other county domains selection of financial commissioners and realize the full coverage of administrative villages.

  In order to promote the depth of political and silver, the bank cooperates with the Linyi City Administrative Approval Service Authority to launch a political and silver cooperation model of "opening registration + account credit", and guide the village banks, Hongdong Farmers in Excellence. In the government affairs hall and bank outlets, the "financial gang window" is opened, and the bank staff is a business license for agricultural enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers cooperatives and other agricultural operations, and provides licensed delivery, bank account opening and on-site credit service, old Customers within 1 day, the first loan can be tested within 3 days. At present, the gang window has covered 30 townships, and 3,600 business licenses will be sent free to the service object. The accumulated site is credited to 100 million yuan, with a letter of 83.5 million yuan, and the proloisonment rate exceeds 60%.

  In order to provide efficient and convenient services, the row promoted the Rural Credit Society of Shanxi Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives to develop the "comprehensive credit system", introduced third-party data such as credit, tax, social security, grain completion, move the entire credit link to mobile tablet (PAD) Operation, the customer manager holds the PAD to go to the door to apply for loan applications, investigations, approvals, and credit, and the fastest process for 10 minutes.

As of the end of August, the agricultural agencies of the jurisdictions have accumulated the system to be credited, and the amount of billion yuan is 100 million yuan.

  Customized features "Industrial Chain + Unique Assets + Party Employment" Employment Empowerment Docused China People’s Bank Linyi City Center Sub-branch surrounded by industry development chain docking special products, breeding, production in industrial development of forest fruit, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines , Warehousing, sales, transportation, etc. As of the end of August, the balance of the product loan of the line is worth 100 million yuan, support more than 30,000 special industrial mains.

  At the same time, the row focuses on the country’s unique asset research and development exclusive product, promoting the Shanxi Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Wings, etc. Ten thousand yuan, realize the breakthrough of "zero" business volume, effectively broaden the main financing channels involved in agriculture. In response to the development of rural industries, the issuance of mortgage guarantees is widely lacking. On the one hand, we will play a party building and empowerment, guiding Yonghe Rural Commercial Bank to launch "Party Group Pioneer Loard", which is the village-level village grade of the village-rated party branch selected by the Yonghe County Organization. Economic organization, professional cooperative, planting largest households provide% of low-interest credit loans, as of the end of August, cumulative loans are issued; on the other hand, play a moral increasing trust, guide Pu County’s local government "Moral Bank" office to recognize Star farmers and moral construction demonstration villages such as hardworking entrepreneurship, filial piety love, shifting, etc.

"Guo Xiaojuan Liu Hui).