The North Exchange officially opened the city, and the first batch of land on Luges.

Original title: The Beijiao Institute officially opened the city, and the first batch of Lu Yichang officially opened the city, and the first batch of Shandong Opportunities of the North Exchange on November 15, the North Exchange Office officially opened the city. There are seven of Shandong Province to become the first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange. Choosing company, and 1 Hanxin Technology listed on the 15th. "The establishment of the North Exchange is obviously good for many innovative SMEs and new three-board listing companies." Zhao Xin, secretary of the board of directors of Weifang Zhixin Electronics Co., Ltd., said.

Focus on the 15-year Zhixin Electronics in the field of electronic connector cable components, which is one of the current selection of layers in our province.

According to the selection of the selection of layers to the North Exchange, Zhixin Electronics has become one of the first companies that landked in the North Exchange. The establishment of the North Exchange is another major strategic deployment in China’s capital market reform and development. "Shandong is a large province of manufacturing, and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is very large. The number of main boards on the Shanghai and Shenzhen has a higher listing threshold, the audit cycle is long, the listing is difficult. Although the Bookmaking Board and the GEM, it is the same, but the threshold is equally high. For companies with small assets and low operating income, the listing difficulties are also large. "Zhang Yanliang, professor of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, believes. "We are in the North Exchange, which may be a few hundred thousand in the future, but in the Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange is one thousandth, it can be said that in the Beijiao, the North Exchange There are more policy bonuses.

"Zhao Xin said. The local government has a relatively rich reward for the listing of enterprises in the North Exchange.

For example, Weifang City landed in the Beijiao Institute into subsidies, rewards, and gave support for 14 million yuan in phases. The establishment of the North Exchange ignited the enthusiasm of SMEs to participate in the capital market. SMEs are widely wide, and the innovation is strong, and the toughness is highlighted.

"The establishment of the North Exchange is an opportunity for SMEs. SMEs giving financing provide direct listing of financing channels." Zhang Yanliang said.

After the financing channel is widened, bank loans are no longer the only choice for financing.

"Our company is small, can be collected less, can be very limited from the bank’s credit funds, and the loan time is short, and some construction projects, Guangling construction will have more than one year, short-term loans are difficult to meet the demand." Zhao Xin It is said that "equity financing in the capital market is more beneficial to the long-term development of the company." The adequate funds and brand awareness brought about by the Beijiao will also provide support for SMEs to expand business. At the press conference held in the provincial government news office, Zhang Zhaobing, deputy director of the Shandong Securities Supervision Bureau, in addition to the first 7 companies, according to the listing of the financial indicators of the Beijiao, the province’s new three board listed companies preliminary screening, About 90 new three-board listing companies meet the listing conditions of the Beijiao, including 54 new corporate companies and 36 basic corporations. "According to the data of the Industry and Information Technology, the province’s provincial ‘special Jing special new’ small and medium-sized enterprises, 362 new" small giants "enterprises in the national specialty special, and the national key support is 157 people. The first place in the country. These enterprises and the North Exchange Department are located in the position of innovative SMEs. It is also the confidence where we do a good job in the listing of the Beijiao. "Zhang Zhaobing said.

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