Otcock "extremely impossible" completely escapes vaccine protection

Original title: O’K戎 "extremely impossible" completely escaping the vaccine Senior Officials, Senior Officials, said that preliminary data showed that the crown virus variants of O’Keka did not seem to be more than the previously discovered new coronate strains. Many, but also "extremely impossible" completely escape the protection of vaccine, but more research is still needed to further understand this variant strain. A small preliminary study published on the same day in the same day showed that the effect of vaccine in vitro contained in the body and antibodies against the O’Cho poison, and the enhanced needle may help increase the protection. Must be cautious to interpret the "less serious" Fa XPA to invoke the Ministry of Health Emergency Project Executive Director Michael Ruian’s report, the initial data shows that in the new crown of virus strains such as Delta, the Okek wok will not make infection The condition is heavier, "In fact, if there is any change, it is the development of the less serious direction." However, now the next conclusion "is premature, we must interpret it very carefully."

Anthony Faucho, the US National Allergy and Infectious Disease Research Institute also issued a similar point of view. Wiqi said that some of the preliminary research of some tracked South African cases showed that the proportion between the Austrian Number and the number of infections appears to be less than Delta, and patients need oxygen and low, but given research objects The population is biased, it is small in hospital, and it takes a few weeks to develop into heavy diseases. Therefore, don’t overrecise the data under the eyes, and it is necessary to make any reliable conclusions for several weeks. South Africa was first detected from the case sample from the case sample on November 9. At present, there is no systematic research data in the transmission of this variant, pathogenicity and immune escape.

"Best weapons are vaccinated" according to Rui’an, due to the mutation of O’Kek’s poisonous strains, there are more than 30 mutations on the surface prolient, may affect most antibodies to the identification of minor proteins, existing vaccines to deal with It may not be that effective, but there is no indication to date that this variant plant can completely escape the protection of the vaccine. Ryan said that the initial data from South Africa did not indicate that the vaccination will "disappear.

In fact, it is exactly the opposite ", in the battle against all new crown transitions," The best weapons you have now have a vaccination ", vaccine" has been proven to be effective in preventing severe and hospitalization. " According to his statement, Okek’s poison strains have triggered the risk of secondary infections, and the new crown vaccine is heavy in preventive crops.

Regardless of how the new crown virus varies, the same impermatoganization measures should be taken, including vaccination, wearing masks, and maintain social distances. The enhancement needle may have been said in the 7th of the South African African Health Research Institute. Preliminary study showed that the anti-crown vaccine-induced antibodies will decrease significantly against O’K戎, but this variant plant does not completely escape the protection of the vaccine, and strengthen Needles may help to reinforce the defense line.

In this small study, the researchers collected blood samples from 12 people who have completed the new Pfizer new crown vaccine, and half of them were infected with new crown viruses in the first wave of New Crown in South Africa. The results show that the neutralization of the antibody in the blood samples against the antibody of the antibody against the early strains have fallen by about%. The researchers believe that the protection of the Austrian Virgin strain "has not fully escaping" vaccine. It is worth noting that 5 human blood samples previously infected with new crown viruses still maintain "relatively high levels of neutralizing antibodies". Alex Sikar, a professor of the African Health Institute participating in the study, said that because South Africa has not launched a large-scale reinforcing needle vaccination, his laboratory did not collected blood samples of inoculation. However, based on the current research, inoculation of enhanced needles may help enhance the protection of neutralizing antibodies against the O’Cho poison. Wiqi pointed out that although the reinforcing needle can improve the strength and breadth of the human immune response, it is necessary to understand this reaction on this reaction and whether it needs more strengthening needles in the future. Under the eyes of the United States, existing vaccines is also protected against O’Kek’s poison, and it is expected to be related results next week.

US Strengthening Pinocular Variety Breaking record US White House responds to New Crown Epidemic Coordination Commission notified, nearly 7 million people in the United States in the United States last week, nearly 1 million people per day.

However, the latest data on the University of Johns Hopkins, USA shows that the US New Crown vaccine has just been 60%. "Strengthening the number of people in the needle exceeds the past." Zion said that 55% of the 65-year-old people have been inoculated. In addition, last week’s new crown vaccination has a total of 12.5 million agents, and a new record since May. The United States allows the 65-year-old man and the 18th to 64-year-old crisis inoculation, and in mid-November to expand the range of people to all adults. William Shafmer, infectious disease experts, to strengthen the need for the need for the need for the need for the news, public health information and people’s winter holidays and family reunion.

South Africa first reported the World Health Organization to the World Health Organization on November 24th.

According to Reuters, since Thanksgiving on November 25, nearly 10 million people in the United States have entered the needle, and the vaccination speed is higher than the Thanksgiving.

US disease control and preventive center data show that approximately 47 million Americans have been inoculated, accounting for nearly a quarter of the full vaccination.

Thomas Fritcher before the Disease Control Center, said that the most important means of epidemic prevention and control is to vaccinate and wear masks.

However, the latest data on the University of Johns Hopkins shows that the US new crown vaccine is only%.

Friedton worried that the American people had intensified the "fatigue" of the epidemic prevention and control, and after the new mutant strain O’K, the days of this year, I am afraid "sad".

"There are nearly 1,000 cases of new crown in the United States, we become familiar with us," Friedton said in an interview with "News Week", "the number is large, but we have not feel more serious.

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