Shanxi fully launched new crown virus vaccine "strengthening needle" inoculation

  Original title: [Cautiously do a good job in the normalization of normalization] New crown virus vaccine "Strengthening needle" inoculation work, the reporter learned from the provincial epidemic prevention and control office: "strengthen the needle" in the new crown virus vaccine in our province The inoculation work has been fully launched.

As of 24:00 on November, the province’s accumulated reports were inoculated, covering thousands, of which thousands of people have completed the whole process. It has accumulated that the key population has enhanced immunization. It is understood that in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, it is preferentially carrying out the strengthening of immunity in the key positions of the high-risk population and the basic operation of the society, and the overall situation will consider the work of our province. It is determined that the key population of our province mainly covers the following ten types. Crowd: First, the cold chain logistics practitioners; the second is the staff of the isolation site; the third is the international flight to the country; the fourth is the customs border checkpoint; the five is the civil aviation, railway, highway and other departments; Six is ??medical and health All staff of the agency; Z7 is the relevant personnel who provide services directly to the public in public security, fire, community workers, and institutions; eight is water, electricity, warm, coal, gas and other maintenance of social production, basic operation of service personnel; Nine is the basic operation of traffic, logistics, pension, sanitation, funeral, communications and other social service personnel; Ten is high-risk personnel such as factors in China.

  Combined with the actual situation of our province, other people outside of the top ten key people, such as the physical health of the vaccination conditions, and completed the two doses of new crown virus inactivated vaccines for more than 6 months, and launched new crowns under the premise of full informing and informed Viral vaccine to enhance immunization. At this stage, the province has strengthened immunization within 6 months of completing the inactivated vaccination of Chinese medicine born Beijing and Beijing Coited Company, in principle, in principle, use the vaccination of the second agent vaccine to the same manufacturer of the same manufacturer.

At present, the new crown virus vaccine enhances immunization and implementation of residents for free inoculation policies, vaccines and vaccination costs are burdened by medical insurance funds, and financial subsidies.

  In principle, the key population has enhanced immunity. It is organized by all relevant units. All units have a reservation of key populations. After registration of enrollment, unification and local inoculation units are reserved, prioritize and vaccinate, and strive to achieve "should pick up". Other eligible residents can go to the genus inoculation unit to make an appointment, follow the principle of informed voluntary, and strive to achieve "willing to pick up". (Reporter Qin Yang).