5 pictures to understand the market in May: the list of the top ten bull and bear stocks is here

5 pictures to understand the market in May: the list of the top ten bull and bear stocks is here

5 pictures to understand the market in May: the top ten bull and bear stocks are on the last trading day of May. The three major 苏州夜网论坛 A-share indexes closed collectively on the green disk.Now, the new shares have surged.

Looking back on May, the Shanghai Stock Index fluctuated around 2900 points, with a drop of 5 in May.

84%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 7.

77%, GEM Index fell 8.


  Which sectors are strengthening against the market?

Which stocks are performing amazingly?

21 Data Journalism Lab gives you a quick overview with 5 pictures.

  Turnover has shrunk by 40%. In May, the Shanghai stock index fluctuated in a narrow range. In May, the Shanghai stock index fluctuated below 3,000 points. In only four trading days, the index rose more than 1%, and the remaining trading days were within 1%Shock.

It may be that the Shanghai Stock Exchange rebounded when it hit around 2830 points three times.

  From the perspective of turnover, the trend of opening higher and lowering is obvious. The average monthly turnover is 4.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 40% of the average value in April.

    As an important force in the A-share market, the movement of funds to the north has always received much attention.

Wind data shows that the capital of Kitakami reached over 53.7 billion in May, the largest monthly net vertical record in history.

During the period, only two trading days, May 15 and May 18, had a net inflow record.

    Rare concept fires assisted the only 28 non-ferrous metals industries that received the sun, and only the non-ferrous metals received the sun, which rose by 2 in May.

52%, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, food and beverage, banks, and home appliances that rose against the market last month also showed relative resistance.

The auto sector led the two markets down.

    The reason why non-ferrous metals grow against the market is not unrelated to the hotness of rare earth concept stocks.

  According to wind data statistics, out of 139 popular concept plates, the rare earth concept plate has 24.

88% of the increase was ranked first, followed by artificial meat, which rose 18 in the month.


The most bearish concept stocks belonged to low-priced stocks, which fell 33 in the month.


    Jinli Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. led the daily limit tide for 10 days and 9 shares. ST shares were collectively buried in the fiery market of concept stocks in May. Jinli Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. (300748).

SZ) led the round of ups and downs with a performance of 9 boards in 10 days.

On the evening of the 30th, Jinli permanently announced that it does not directly own the rare earth mining resources, and on the 31st it still rushed to the daily limit.

Rare earth concept stocks

SZ) followed closely with a monthly increase of 91%.

North Mining Technology (600980.

SH), Minmetals Rare Earth (000831.

SZ), research and development of new materials (600206.

SH) and other five-month increases have exceeded 40%.

  Seed stocks also performed well in May.

Fengle Seed Industry (000713), which has the dual concepts of artificial meat and seed industry.

(SZ) monthly increase of 135%, this year has increased by more than 260%, but it is due to the large increase-the shareholders’ holdings are still effective in its practice, Fengle Seeds announced on the 27th that major shareholders intend to reduce their holdings in the next 6 monthsNo more than 2% of shares.

Dunhuang Seed Industry (600354.

SH), Wanxiang Denong (600371.

SH) and other seed stocks rose more than 60%.  Ice and fire two days.

  Some companies here have the potential to double, and some companies have been lying on the daily limit in May.

    The most tragic concept in May is ST / * ST shares, with 11 shares stretched out and swept the list of May bear stocks.

Under the strict supervision of A shares, the ST sector started a straight-down mode.

* ST Northern News (002359.

SZ), * ST Opal (Protection of Rights) (002711.

SZ) did not even open the limit board for a whole May.

Some people point out that in the future, the survival space of ST stocks will become smaller and smaller, and investors should pay attention to investment risks.

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