“Ha ha,I really want to know,If our negotiation fails,What will you do to me?Kill me?”Qin Feng didn’t answer the other party’s question,But instead question,After all, he knew he couldn’t agree to the party’s conditions。

“This one,If we don’t say well, we will really do it。of course,Not just you,Your two friends will also be implicated。”Just finished,He looked at Qiao Shan,“This little brother,Actually you can join our Zhang family,Don’t you like Yao Xiaoqin??We give you a chance to get along with her slowly。After all, feelings are all about getting along,Maybe you will be in love for a long time after working together for a long time?”
Qiao Shan, who was initially in a trance, didn’t participate in the dialogue between Qin Feng and Zhang Qiang.。But after hearing what the other party said, the whole person suddenly got a shock,As if full of vitality instantly。
“really?She will fall in love with me?”
“Yes indeed!Didn’t you see him working for our Zhang family now??If you also join the Zhang family,Many things will be solved,And you don’t have to be locked here。”Zhang Qiang continues to seduce。
But at this moment Qin Feng couldn’t help but sneer,“Ha ha,Qiao Shan,The person in front of you is Zhang Qiang,Which is Yao Xiaoqin’s fiance。it’s him
Took away your favorite,It was impossible for a pharmacist to join the world,Even you can continue to live the most primitive and happy life among the ancients,The person in front of you took all this!”
“It’s him?”
Qiao Shan glared at Zhang Qiang,Didn’t wait for Zhang Qiang to explain,Qiao Shan has already rushed up to fight with Zhang Qiang。
Unfortunately,There is a big difference in strength between the two sides,Zhang Qiang in front of you is not Zhang Enci’s incompetent son。
So even if Qiao Shan rushed on frantically,The end result was just kicked by Zhang Qiang,He wants to stand up again,But Zhang Qiang stepped on the ground。
Wanyu saw this scene and wanted to help,But it stopped when the gap between the two sides was so big.。Because he knows,Going up by yourself is just a gift,In that case,Why should he bother himself??
“Humph,Overweight。Do you think I need your trash?It’s just to see you poor and the Qiao family behind you。”Zhang Qiang hum,Anger on the face,After all, he feels that people who are emotionally out of control after being provoked at will have no need to control。
“Qin Feng,Since you don’t know good or bad,forget about it。”Leave this sentence,Zhang Qiang is gone。
Wan Yu helped Qiao Shan up,But the latter returned to the trance look。