Then he and the Valkyrie have done everything,Isn’t it about to be thrown into the pan by the Li family?,Then wrap a large vegetable leaf to relieve greasiness and feed the dragon???

First7chapter Little transparent wish bright
The Zulong city-state stands on a large fertile plain,Three snowy rivers meander their bodies and irrigate from the mountains far away,Pass through countless villages、town、city,Finally meet in the silver-grey Zulong city state!
The city-state is divided into two parts,It is divided by the quiet and majestic silver-grey tall state wall。
And the most shocking part of Zulong City State is this state wall,At the moment of flying into this Qingmo Plain,It seems to have witnessed an ancient dragon that touched the world’s original earth crawling on the horizon。
“According to legend, the ancestral dragon city state was transformed by the body of an ancestor dragon,See you today,It’s not fake!”Zhu Minglang sighed in his heart。
Saw the Zulong City State,The stagnation in Li Yunzi’s heart has not dissipated much,And when I think of the people who know me,She feels breathless again。
“Miss Yun Zi,You don’t have to worry about that,I will kill them all。”Luo Xiao seems to see the complexity of Li Yunzi’s heart,Showed this special consideration。
Li Yunzi did not answer。
Adjusted a little bit,Li Yunzi’s eyes restored the luster like cold stars and frost,Just lightly said:“Let’s go。”
Li Jianan。
For a long time, these two famous clans ruled this Zulong city-state,When I heard the name of the Valkyrie,Zhu Minglang knows her origins。
No wonder she was able to rule Yongcheng for a year in such chaotic wasteland,The background must be unfathomable。
But why was she overthrown overnight?
Escort all the way,Frightened,The task is finally completed,But Zhu Minglang can’t leave for now。