Fang Yu ran away again……

I’m tired thinking about it!
“There are some herbs,Have to find!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“that……Forget it!”
Hu Yili helpless。
I had to send Fang Yu back!
Fang Yu went to Fang’s pharmacy and bought most of the herbs,Then go to that small alley,Bought some special herbs。
Ground powder。
Then start boil!
More than an hour later。
Finally got the ointment。
“son……What is this ointment,Why does it smell so bad?”
Fang Deyun saw that his son had made a big pot of ointment,Surprised。
This thing,Who wants to use it?
“This is because one of the medicinal materials,Smelly……But it works well!”
Fang Yu made sure。
“You want to go out?”
See my son leaving,Fang Deyun still wants to ask what’s the role。