NS1029chapter Indifferent(superior)

Jinyang Xianbei Army,The big drum knocked on the earthquake。
Opposite right wing,Take the cavalry as the guide,A large number of steps,Take the left wing of the big army toward Gao Baoyi。
This is quite popular in the late North and South.“Step ride”。This is followed by the later generation“Steamer”and“Steamed Association”Different songs。
Due to this time, the unique spread of Northern farmocation,Horses lose the cultivation environment that lives,The proportion of cavalry inside the army is subsequently reduced,Become an irreversible“evolution”。
Even if it is a peak period in the Tang Dynasty,The number of cavalry,It is also far away from the freshman people just enter the main Central Plains.。
Want to use pure cavalry troops,Already a great luxury,Even expectations。
and“Step ride”,I became the only choice for the Wild Wars Army.。
The last year of the history,This decayed Dynasty,Just relying on the Robi light“Tens of thousands of steps”This fixed unit,Come to the North Zhou to attack the city。Be right,In the past few years in North Qi,It is North Qi in Bei Zhou,And also played very strong
At this moment,Gao Bo Yi is only a regular basis for the first time.“Step ride”Tactics,I can’t help but feel deeply of the people of this era.。
cavalry,The only role at this time,that is“Break”!
Apart from this,Don’t need other things。As for things that chase the enemy,That’s all the battlefield of the coach and the battlefield,Cavalry“sideline”。
The only thing they have to do,Can’t escape,That is, the formation of the enemy step army!
Sure enough, it is left.!
Front rear,Gao Bao quietly looked at Jinyang Liu Town Army to draw a mouth of the edge of the box.,There is still no order。
He is watching the solitary message how to deal with。
Jinyang Liu Town Army’s,The intimate cavalry team rushed to the left wing of the solitary message.,I immediately pulled the cavalry back.,Steps behind the team,Like the tide of the tide, it is generally slammed into the gap of the big array.。
High long growth in the middle,The right wing of the skin and,All in our soldiers。
“Ordered,Gong Gong。”
Gao Bao said to the army。
Left-wing battle,It seems that no one can detect。
The drum in the gods,Rhythmic drum,Representing the meaning of only their own people can understand。Hear the drums of drums,I took the face of the helmet from the leadership,Condolen wear on the head。
He took the horse from the head,I started to initiate an impact toward the front army of the enemy。Behind him,It is the cavalry of five hundred wear equipment!
This is a gift to give him a gift.,It is the last grace.。
Gao Bao,Duan Yue main attack left wing,Double send you,I am playing me.,Entire front,I have shown a stupid state.!
Jinyang Liu Town, Xianbei Array,The segment of the rear looks at the first round of the two sides.,I have no expression, I said to the army.:“Order,All departments are not attacked,Do not fight back,Hypopholy。”
This order,Almost the same as Gao Baoyi。
The two are like a lot of money.。
At this moment,Solitary trustworthy in the army,It turned out to be reorganized by the active thing to collapse immediately.!
One member of the whole body,Holding a black iron gun,Crossing in the big array。His strength is endless,Waiting for idlers。Although it is not riding,But the use of the long gun is very clever,Even if you pick a few cavalry!
“you again?”
It’s rushing,Look back,There is not a few people behind him.!Own,During his foot, there are more than ten meters away.,Hard is unable to match!
Lianlian fiercely recognized this person when he was under the section.,Once Raiders Nanyang,It seems to be some impression on this teenager。