Xia Jian thinks he can think of these questions clearly,This shows that he was not completely drunk to death。But when Ma Yan forcibly poured the last glass of wine into his mouth。Xia Jian only feels sick,The last thing is,And it’s getting better。

Xia Jian slowly lay on the sofa,He felt the light in the room was spinning。Gradually he lost consciousness。
He suddenly saw Zhao Hong sitting beside him in a pajamas。Xia Jian wants to call her name,But can’t shout。He stretched out his hand,He tore off the pajamas from Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong threw himself into his arms a little shy。
It seems that Zhao Hong has become Ma Yan’s face again。Shy answer、Jiao Didi makes people hard to control。Xia Jian only felt that he was going crazy,He desperately、Constantly venting the heat that I can’t control in Xiumei。
How did everything return to calm,Xia Jian didn’t know。He knows him in his sleep,Very comfortable,Very happy,Seems to be laughing。
A intensive sound of salute,Woke up Xia Jian from his sleep。He only felt dizzy,And sore back and legs,Feeling weak。
He moved,I realized that Ma Yan was lying in her arms,And she’s naked。
First2284chapter Lively New Year’s Day
Xia Jian stood up in shock,His mind was suddenly blank。How did he get on Ma Yan’s bed?,He can’t remember anymore。He only remembers,The last glass of wine was poured into his mouth by Ma Yan。
Xia Jianyi sat up,Ma Yan was also awakened,She reached out and took the phone by the bedside and said:“Just over six o’clock,Sleep a little longer”Ma Yan said,He reached out to pull Xiajian。
“Get up, grandma!If your parents find out that we are sleeping together,This problem is big”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Whispered to Ma Yan。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Look like a coward,Both of us are adults,Not a child。Self-doing,I can be responsible for myself。Rest assured!My parents don’t care”Ma Yan spoiled,He just pulled Xia Jian and lay down。
Ma Yan’s soft body then came up again,But this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang。Xia Jian quickly sat up again。Only then did he discover,His clothes are all on the sofa。And on this ground,There are also clothes for him and Ma Yan,It can be said to be a mess。
See this scene,Xia Jian didn’t know after drinking too much last night,How crazy they are。Such a big movement,If Ma Yan’s parents heard…Xia Jian dare not think about it anymore。
He jumped out of the bed braggingly,I found my clothes and put them on quickly。The phone keeps ringing,It feels like you don’t pick up,I keep hitting,Call until you pick up。
Xia Jian dressed up,I took a look at my phone,The call was from my mother, Sun Yuejuan。Xia Jian quickly connected,Ask carefully and quietly:“What’s the matter mom?”
“You bastard,Those who celebrate the New Year are not going home?”Sun Yuejuan’s tone is harsh。